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Cops and Robbers: Glorietta Bay Marina Shed and Cays Shed Broken Into (4/15/20-5/6/20)

Thanks to the Coronado Police Department for providing The Coronado Times with the below information (partial list):


5/5/20: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism near 600 block of I Avenue

Unknown male subject was witnessed writing graffiti on a plastic trash can in the alley.

5/5/20: Petty Theft near 1500 block of First Street

Unknown suspect stole an unlocked bicycle from the patio of the residence and fled in an unknown direction. The bicycle was valued at $150.

5/4/20: Assault with Deadly Weapon near 900 block of Orange Avenue

Two unidentified Hispanic male suspects met with victim to complete a sale of a gold necklace. The first suspect shot the victim during the transaction, and both suspects fled the scene.

5/4/20: Vandalism near 900 block of Olive Avenue

Unknown suspect used spray paint on an EDCO dumpster in the alley at the location. The estimated value to repair is under $400.

5/3/20-5/4/20: Petty Theft near 300 block of Palm Avenue

Unknown suspect stole the victim’s teal/sea green beach cruiser from out of the bed of her husband’s pickup truck. The loss is valued at approximately $400.

5/1/20-5/2/20: Petty Theft near 1500 block of Maria Place

The victim’s unlocked vehicle was entered and several items were removed from the vehicle. The loss is approximately $215.

5/1/20-5/2/20: Petty Theft near 800 block of Guadalupe Avenue

Unknown suspect unlawfully entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and took multiple items. The estimated loss is approximately $725.

5/1/20-5/2/20: Grand Theft Property near 1700 block of Visalia Row

Unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole a black cargo bag, two jackets, and sunglasses. The estimated loss is $1,500.

5/1/20: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 5500 block of Silver Strand Boulevard

Unknown suspect damaged the door to a shed owned by the City of Coronado. The shed is located behind the tennis courts in the Coronado Cays. The cost to replace or repair the door is unknown.

5/1/20: Petty Theft near 1500 block of Sixth Street

Unknown suspect stole the victim’s Trek Mountain Bicycle while victim was watching a parade. The bicycle was parked on Sixth Street near Pomona Avenue. The bicycle is valued at approximately $700.

5/1/20: Petty Theft near 100 block of Orange Avenue

Unknown suspect removed the victim’s purse from her unlocked vehicle. There were no suspects seen, and the value of the purse and its contents are valued at approximately $265.

4/15/20-4/16/20: Grand Theft near 1700 block of Strand Way

Unknown suspect entered an unsecured storage shed at the Glorietta Bay Marina and broke the existing padlocks on two hazardous material containers, stealing two 28-gallon fuel containers. The loss is valued at approximately $1050.


5/6/20: Evading Peace Officer With Wanton Disregard of Safety – Felony near 200 block of Ocean Boulevard

23 year old male

5/2/20: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 1800 block of Silver Strand Boulevard

17 year old female

Andres de la Lama
Andres de la Lama
Andres is a senior at Coronado High School and has written for the Islander Times and The Coronado Times throughout his high school career. He has also been a proud part of Coronado’s Days for Girls chapter and this year’s president. Andres aspires to be a screenwriter will go on study creative writing in college. Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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