Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Strange Crime: Woman Pretends to Live in Coronado Home – Gets Arrested

In the category of strange crimes…here is a unique burglary the Coronado Police shared earlier this week via Facebook:

Just before 11 pm, we received a call from a resident, who was calling from out of town, stating that her neighbor, who is a relative, had noticed suspicious activity at her home on Alameda Blvd. The neighbor was reporting lights inside of the residence being turned on and off. Officers arrived on scene and the neighbor provided them with a spare key.

When the officers approached the front door, they noticed metal shavings on the ground and pieces of old lock. The spare key the neighbor provided no longer fit in the door lock.
Officers began to check the perimeter of the home and noticed multiple doors wide-open in the back of the house and they could see a fire place on and there was music playing. Officers moved away from the house and requested Sheriff’s ASTREA helicopter and an SDPD K-9 unit. While waiting for support, an officer at the front of the property could see a subject moving around the second floor. It was confirmed with the property owner nobody was supposed to be in the house and only the neighbor had a spare key.

K-9 units arrived on scene and called out to the suspect to exit the home. Several minutes later, the suspect exited the home and was taken into custody. The suspect claimed that two children were inside of the home restricting further use of the K-9’s. Officers searched the home and did not locate anyone else inside.

The suspect claimed the home was hers, and she called a locksmith earlier in the evening who changed out the front door locks. The 43-year-old woman was arrested and charged with burglary.

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