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Coronado Police Blotter (September 30 – October 5, 2009)

Thanks to the City of Coronado Police Department for providing with the below information (partial list):

September 30- October 5 * 4 traffic collisions Arrests * 9/30: Male 20 year old for an outside warrant (1000 block 7th) * 9/30: Female 46 burglary 2nd degree/ petty theft with prior (1500 Orange- Hotel Del) * 10/1: Female 49 years old DUI alcohol/drugs (1000 7th Ave.) * 10/1: Female 19 years old DUI alcohol/drugs (100 block B Ave.) * 10/3: Male 20 years old DUI alcohol/drugs (1700 block Glorietta Blvd.) * 10/4: Male 21 years old years old drunk and disorderly conduct (1600 Strand Way) * 10/5: Female 46 years old years old drunk and disorderly conduct (1300 block 1st St.) Crime * 9/22-9/29 False impersonation where suspect used victim’s information to make charges to a checking account. Suspect also attempting to create new accounts with victim’s information. * 9/11-10/2 Vandalism where suspect broke double paned glass door leading into a home office. Damage more than $400. * 9/30-10/1 Burglary suspect entered a locked storage area shared by multiple condo tenants and left undetected with 2 bikes, golf clubs and a black leather bag. * 9/28-10/1 Grand theft where victim reported that a suspect entered his business office at 1300 Orange Ave. and took a 1 carat diamond/platinum ring from his desk drawer. * 9/30 Burglary in 2nd degree where 46 year old female entered Babcock and Story and took lotion and soap dish and a black visor. She was arrested. * 10/5 Make/pass fictitious bill where a male and female suspect entered Mootime Creamery ordered food and attempted to pay with fake $100 bill. Employees told them it was fake and suspects offered to pay with credit card and did so. Suspects left counterfeit bill with the restaurant.

Coronado Times Staff
Coronado Times Staff
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