Coronado Police Blotter (041409) – April 7-14, 2009

Thanks to the City of Coronado Police Department for providing with the below information (partial list):

Summaries: -5 arrests on various charges -3 bikes stolen -5 traffic collisions -5 disorderly conduct due to alcohol April 7 -Car stolen from NAS parking lot -Child endangerment/felony due to DUI & commit felony while on bail (200 block Orange Ave.) April 10 -Trespassing in classroom at CHS while school was closed during Spring Break -5 counts juvenile curfew violation (Port of Spain Rd.) April 11 -Minor possess alcohol in public (misdemeanor) April 12 -Vandalism/graffiti on walls and fixtures at Tidelands Park -Suspect arrested and kicked out rear passenger window of police car. Suspect charged with vandalism. -Disorderly conduct due to alcohol (NASNI) April 13 -Petty theft of 3 DVDs from Coronado library estimated at $65 -Assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm. Suspect hit victim on head with a glass beer bottle. April 14 -DUI with blood alcohol level of .08% (300 block Pomona) -Male grand theft of mountain bike from trailer on back of car while in transit or parked (Orange Ave.)

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