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CIFF Family Movie Night: “Top Gun: Maverick” – June 28

The Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) is hosting Top Gun: Maverick at the Ferry Landing on the evening of Saturday, June 28. Grab your loved ones, a chair, a blanket, and make memories under the stars at the Ferry Landing Movie Night!

The Importance of Family Movie Night by Coronado Island Film Festival

Family Movie Night brings the Coronado community together. Merridee Book, CEO and Artistic Director of CIFF shares, “Our screenings are for the community—our residents, and those who come to enjoy Coronado. It’s different from a paid event; it’s more about community and enjoying our city in a unique way.”

She continues, “It’s really about creating opportunities for families to come together and enjoy something special. The stunning background across the bay, watching a fun movie right there on the water. It definitely doesn’t get better than that!”

Choosing Top Gun: Maverick

The next movie pick is an obvious choice for the Coronado Film Festival. Merridee explains, “It’s the weekend before the 4th of July. Maverick was filmed in Coronado, so we consider it one of our films. It’s patriotic, a great film, and we pick movies that resonate with the community and are feel-good films.” She laughs, “We’ve had Maverick on our radar for a while, and now it seems like everyone’s screening it.”

In case you missed it, Tom Cruise arrived in Coronado on May 4, 2022 for a red carpet premiere and to treat Navy personnel to a highly anticipated viewing of Top Gun: Maverick. There were special screenings at North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado and also an appearance on the USS Midway (just a short helicopter ride across the bay for Cruise).

Logistical Updates to Movie Night

To attend the CIFF Family Movie Night on June 28, register online here. It is free, but a reservation is required to account for space.

BYOBC — Bring Your Own Beach Chair. When possible, use a beach chair low to the ground. For those who need to use higher chairs, position yourself towards the back so as to not block the screen from people behind you.

If you attended Family Movie Night: “Finding Nemo” on April 20, you’ll notice some changes. First, the lawn area will not open until 7 p.m. People seated will be asked to relocate so the lawn can be cleared and safety measures can be put into place for protection of the equipment.

Additionally, reservations will be checked at this time. Printed reservations and reservations on a phone are both acceptable.

The screen will also be larger than it was for Nemo! Due to the windy conditions during Nemo night, a smaller screen had to be used in order to properly secure it.

Make it a Date!

The Ferry Landing is home to many of Coronado’s great restaurants. Movie goers can grab a gyro from Spiro’s Gyros, an ice cream from Cold Stone, or some takeout from their favorite restaurant. Coronado Coffee Company has coffee and hot chocolate available for purchase.

What’s Next

CIFF is currently working on their fall programming. Merridee teases, “It will be family-oriented and might be during the festival, like when we did the kids’ screening. It’s such a fun place, and it ties into the festival perfectly.” This year’s film festival runs Nov. 6-10.

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