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Family Movie Night: “Finding Nemo” – Apr. 20

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“Elf” playing at Coronado Film Festival Movie Night in December 2023.

Coronado Film Festival is hosting Finding Nemo at the Ferry Landing on Saturday, April 20 at 7 p.m. Grab your loved ones, a chair, a blanket, and make memories under the stars at The Ferry Landing Movie Night!

The Inception of Family Movie Night by Coronado Film Festival

Merridee Book, CEO and Artistic Director of Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) shares, “A couple of years ago, we had a big family night at Ferry Landing during the actual film festival. It was a film that was produced by a local family, and we were all excited because it was, believe it or not, the first time that the festival had ever screened anything at the Ferry Landing during the festival.”

In 2023 the organization was excited to feature a holiday film for their family night. On Dec. 15, 2023, they put on a Christmas Movie Night with a free showing of Elf. Merridee recalls, “It turned out to be beautiful evening. All the holiday lights were up over the bay. We had people show up wearing cute things. Elf is a very nostalgic, holiday tradition movie.”

After the enjoyment of the Elf Ferry Landing screening, CIFF set their sights on a spring movie. Merridee shares, “We err on the side of caution and schedule it for April. The first one was, of course, scheduled for April 5 and then it rains. So we moved it to April 20!”

Behind the Scenes of Coronado Film Festival Family Movie Night

Will Lange of Nelson’s Photography has been instrumental in bringing movie night to the Ferry Landing. Their pop-up screen, AV and sound equipment brings the dream to reality. Merridee includes, “Coronado Ferry Landing brings the setting, it’s a really nice collaboration. I love that the film festival brings families together. It’s a good time for everyone!”


To attend the Coronado Film Festival Family Movie Night on April 20, register online here. It is free, but a reservation is required to account for space.

BYOBC — Bring Your Own Beach Chair. When possible, use a beach chair low to the ground. For those that need to use higher chairs, position yourself towards the back as to not block the screen from other families.

The Ferry Landing is home to many of Coronado’s great restaurants. Movie goers can grab a slice of pizza from Village Pizzeria Bayside, some BBQ over at Lil Piggy’s Bar-B-Q, or pick up takeout their favorite restaurant. Coronado Coffee Company has coffee and hot chocolate available for purchase.

The showing of Finding Nemo will begin at 7 p.m. Come early to socialize and secure your spot.

What’s Next

Coming up next, CIFF will show Top Gun Maverick at the Ferry Landing on June 28.

Back at the Ferry Landing, Merridee is planning for a film to be featured during this year’s film festival which runs Nov. 6-10.

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