Friday, March 31, 2023

Coronado Girls Soccer Season Ends with CIF Playoff Game Loss to West Hills

Coronado girls varsity soccer lost 2-0 on Friday, February 17 in a CIF matchup against West Hills.

To start off, in the first half the Islanders only let up one goal which was from a debatable call inside the box that led to a penalty kick. The West Hills player would shoot and score with 37 minutes left to play in the half. A lot of time left in the game, however Coronado seemed to already be counting themselves out as it appeared there was body language from some players like the game was already finalized as a loss.

As the game continued, many great passes, saves, and steals occurred for both teams. It was as if playing chess, strategizing every move to best benefit the team. The only issue was that both teams were strategizing well, causing the first half to end with West Hills in the lead 1-0. 

After the break, as the second half started, you could see in the Islanders’ eyes that they wanted to make a comeback. The Islanders were speeding through the defense, taking the ball from West Hills, creating opportunities to score, but not being able to capitalize. Many chances missed by just inches.

With 22 minutes left in the game West Hills would extend the lead by another goal, making it 2-0. The goal was beautiful. Way out of reach, not able to be saved by anyone, landing in the back right corner of the net.

With many minutes still to go, the Islanders were striving to get a point on the board. Numerous times, Xiomara Mckenna would attempt to use her speed in order to break away from the West Hills defense. Getting so close each time, but ultimately being pushed back.

Unfortunately, as the game concluded, the Coronado Islanders would take the 2-0 loss and end their season, along with any hopes to be CIF champions.

Senior, and starting varsity goalie Olivia Schoettke had an amazing season and was willing to give a few words post-game. She mentioned that playing in her last high school soccer game was heartbreaking, everyone on the team had become like a family to her; and playing for Coronado High has been one of life’s greatest gifts. Olivia says that the team they built throughout the past few years has grown so much and she sees them being even better next year. Playing the game of soccer has become such a huge part in her life and she can’t wait to see what the CHS team can do in the years to come after she graduates.

Congratulations to the Coronado girls varsity soccer team for an amazing season!

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
Graham Bower is a proud "Navy kid" and a student at CHS, class of 2024. He is a captain of the football team and plays multiple positions, including quarterback. Graham has always had a passion to create and share content, starting in the sixth grade making videos at the skatepark in Naples, Italy. From there, it kicked off and became a huge interest. After taking video production, digital media, and photography classes from 2018-2021, he finally got a professional camera in November of 2021.He started creating sports videos for the school and sharing them on Instagram. Since then, he has continued to create videos not only for many sports and activities, always being open to new ideas and opportunities to grow his experience. Graham plans to study film and photography and play football at college in Montana.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]