Weekly Update from Coronado City Manager Mark Ochenduszko (09/18/09)

    CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE SB 67 – Proposition 1A Securitization: SB 67 is a clean-up bill following the passage of AB 15, which enabled cities to issue debt to quickly recover the value of the property tax loan taken by the State from cities this fiscal year. A form of SB 67 has passed the Assembly, but not the Senate at this time. This bill will likely pass when the Senate returns from its break. “California Communities,” a nonprofit agency associated with the League of California Cities, is organizing an effort to provide a vehicle for cities to issue debt, which would be repaid directly to California Communities and the debt issuer by the State. Staff is reviewing the feasibility of participating in the program. Aquatic Facility Task Force Meeting: Assistant City Manager Tom Ritter and Director of Recreation Services Linda Rahn attended the first Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) Aquatics Facility Task Force meeting this week on Thursday evening. They represent the City as ex-officio members on the Task Force. The Task Force is comprised of a total of eighteen members including CUSD School Board members Doug Metz and Dr. Kevin Lightner, representatives from the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex (BBMAC) Foundation, interested citizens, and business persons. At the beginning of the meeting Superintendent Jeff Felix reviewed the history of the Aquatics Facility and the proposal adopted by the School Board to keep the Aquatics Complex open through Jan 2010. The Task Force then discussed its Mission and Goal which, generally speaking, is to develop a long-term operating plan that allows an operating deficit no greater than an amount that can be reasonably raised through annual fundraising. The Task Force then reviewed the short-term budget to keep the Aquatics Facility open through January and developed a list of topics to be reviewed at the next meeting including: look at cooperation with City on program scheduling; develop a 12-month budget; discuss enhanced revenue ideas; develop a business plan format and timing schedule; and discuss marketing ideas. The next meeting of the Aquatics Facility Task Force is set for Thursday, October 8, from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the CUSD Board Room, 201 Sixth Street. City Preparation for H1N1 Virus Pandemic: On Thursday, September 10, Fire Chief John Traylor and I attended a briefing by the County Office of Health and Human Services regarding the H1N1 pandemic. County offices are advising that this pandemic, although worldwide, is currently a milder flu strain. It is expected to spread widely in North America during the flu season. The concern is that it is a form of virus that may mutate into a more virulent form. To date, this has not happened. Staff is paying attention to this issue. We will be providing employees with guidelines for avoiding this illness, and guidelines regarding reporting to work if ill. We will be providing public information regarding the virus and developing a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) in the event the City experiences a high number of illnesses in a department or departments at any one period of time. County Fire Services Deployment Study: The County of San Diego has contracted a consulting firm to study the location of fire facilities and resource deployment practices Countywide. The study results from suggestions from the Fire Chiefs Association to County Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard. The purpose is to develop a baseline of data of fire resources throughout the County. It will include all fire resources including Federal, State (CalFire), municipal, county, and special district resources. Its purpose is to provide a tool (that surprisingly does not exist) to help fire agencies better understand and make decisions regarding resource planning and use. Coronado will be participating in this study, along with all other agencies providing fire services throughout the County. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Building Division Activity: During the period September 10 through September 16, the Building Division issued a total of 21 permits and conducted a total of 73 inspections, including 10 final inspections. The total valuation on which building permits were based during this period is $632,822.75. Historic Resource Commission: On Wednesday, the Historic Resource Commission discussed the joint City Council/Historic Resource meeting and proposed changes to the Mills Act program; proposed changes to the Historic Preservation Ordinance pertaining to HRC recommendations to the City Council and historic districts; the upcoming appeal of 1127 F Avenue to be heard by the City Council on October 6; and took action to not support a Mills Act request for the residence at 921 A Avenue. Imperial Beach to Receive Sand from Harbor Dredging Project: The Army Corps of Engineers has informed the Community Development Department that the beach quality sand to be dredged from the San Diego Harbor will now be placed offshore from Imperial Beach. The Corps had been applying for environmental and cultural permits to place this sand offshore near Coronado’s beaches, but was not able to obtain them before the project begins. Imperial Beach has previously obtained all required permits and has been actively seeking beach quality sand to replenish their beaches. ENGINEERING & PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Animal Care Facility: The wetlands box installation was delayed due to groundwater infiltrating the excavation. The soils engineer provided a solution and work will proceed with the goal of having the box installed by next week. The foundations for the trash enclosure and property line wall were poured. The rough mechanical, electrical and plumbing have been sufficiently completed to begin the installation of gypsum board. Beach Stair Repair: The stairs were uncovered this week to allow contractors to access the lower portions of the stairs. They have been covered again to allow safe access to the beach. The project is expected to be completed by October 16. Police Building HVAC Upgrade Project: Staff, the mechanical engineer and contractor reviewed the test and balance reports and did a final walk through of the facility. A few minor items remain to be adjusted but the project on the whole is complete. A notice of completion will be presented to the Council at the next meeting. Marina Building Tile Murals: The majority of tiles have been installed. A shipment of additional tiles and tiles that were missing in the initial delivery was received. However, approximately half of the new tiles were found to be broken. The tiles were reordered and they should be arriving shortly. Grouting of the completed portion has started with very positive comments from people who have viewed the murals. NAB Bus Stop Relocation: Staff forwarded a proposed new location for the existing northbound bus stop at the Amphibious Base to Caltrans. This new location has been accepted by Navy and MTS staff. Caltrans staff made a site visit to review the proposed location and will provide comments to City staff. Eighth Street Sidewalk Improvement Project: The project is currently being advertised with a bid opening date of September 30. To date there are 15 plan holders. Sixth and Orange Drainage Improvements: Caltrans has approved a cooperative agreement whereby the State will contribute $147,000 toward the project. Once the agreement has been fully executed, staff will advertise the project for bid. The project will install additional storm drain lines and catch basins to reduce flooding along Orange Avenue (between Sixth and Tenth Streets) during storm events. FIRE SERVICES Training: This week, all Engine Companies participated in annual timed hose evolutions. The testing took place in District 37 in front of the Cays fire station. The annual testing of performance standards is critical and promotes crew cohesion as well as a measure of efficiency. Emergency Preparedness: Division Chief Ed Hadfield attended a two-day workshop designed to strengthen the partnerships between public, private and military transportation programs, which would be used in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. “Connecting Communities” is a national program funded by the Department of Homeland Security designed to develop cooperative partnerships between cities, counties and regions, with their prospective transportation providers. This would enable a community to access the transportation provider in the event of an emergency to move citizens to areas of safe refuge or designated shelter housing. Beach: Lifeguards performed 9 ocean rescues and one medical aid this week. Extra staff has been scheduled for the heat wave and 2-4′ combination swell expected this weekend. Water temperature is currently 65 degrees, which is warm for this time of year. Emergency Responses: Last week, Coronado Fire units responded to 33 incidents in Coronado: 23 emergency medical incidents, 1 traffic accident, 1 rescue, and 1 hazardous condition, 1 call for public assistance, 2 incidents dispatched and canceled en route, and 4 false alarms. There was a total of 34 incidents including mutual/automatic aid and North Island responses. GOLF SERVICES On September 16, Pat Gross of the USGA Green Section met with Golf Director Roger Miller. The scheduled visit allowed staff to review current golf maintenance industry trends and to discuss on-site issues. A complete tour of the course was conducted over a three-hour period and included various soil samples followed by discussion. Also present during the tour were Tom Ritter, Assistant City Manager, staff members Robbie Roberts, Eric Scribner and Rosendo Gonzalez, and Ron Yarbrough, PGA, Pro Shop Operations. LIBRARY SERVICES Library Exhibits: The Coronado Surfers exhibit, which features photographs of many of Coronado’s young and old-time surfers, has been very popular. This exhibit will be taken down September 28. The next exhibit, which will be installed during October, will highlight the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Society Conference to be held at the Hotel del Coronado on October 16-19. The popular “Bears at the Beach” diorama in the Children’s Library has been taken down and replaced by a scene from the classic children’s book, Charlotte’s Web. POLICE SERVICES Arrest: On Tuesday, Coronado detectives identified a suspect responsible for multiple burglaries and thefts in Strand Navy Housing. The suspect was arrested after burglarizing homes in Bayview Heights Military Housing in San Diego. Coronado detectives have recovered some of the property taken from Strand Housing. Coronado detectives, along with San Diego Police and Navy authorities, are cooperating in the investigation. Speedfest 2009: The Department is coordinating with the Navy to address potential traffic issues associated with “Speedfest” scheduled to kick off with a parade on Thursday, September 24 with events continuing through the weekend. PUBLIC SERVICES Community Center: The concrete columns that support the trellises at the Community Center were refurbished and painted. Yacht Club Pocket Park: This week, Streets Division crew members completed filling in the riprap along the seawall adjacent to the pocket park and just north of the Boathouse 1887 Restaurant.

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