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Islander Boys Soccer Ties University City 2-2

On Wednesday, January 17 the Coronado Islanders boys soccer team took on the University City Centurions at home. They were competitive and fighting every second, but the game ended in a 2-2 tie.

Final Score to Islander boys soccer game vs University City

The first half left the Islanders down 1-0 after not being able to produce much on the offensive side of the ball and needing to pick up some points in the second half.

With that being said, Diego Ladron de Guevara stepped up and put the Islanders on the board to give them some momentum in the second half. The goal was set up and perfectly executed. The ball was sent into play and a fake shot by Luis Leon sent the defense one way as the ball got into Ladron’s possession. From that moment, Ladron took a shot from about 25 yards out, sneaking it by the goalie and landing it in the bottom left of the goal. The game tied at 1-1.

As the game continued, the Islanders were desperate to get another goal on the board. The Islanders’ defense was doing their job and allowing the offense to get more opportunities. Ryan Chalepas took that opportunity and scored a nice header off of a ball that was crossed in and then tipped up. He took advantage and sent the ball into the goal with authority. This would set the Islanders up at 2-1 and just needing to keep that lead now.

Ryan Chalepas

As the game was coming to a close and was in extra time, the Centurions had some momentum and were pressuring the defense inside the box, looking for an open shot. They were unable to find the open shot in that moment, however, one of the players was fouled and issued a penalty kick. They ended up scoring that penalty kick and tied the game 2-2 with minimal time left.

There wasn’t enough time left for either team to score again, so it ended as a tie.

With this tie, the Islanders’ overall record is 1-8-2 and their league record is now 0-1-1.

Upcoming Home Games:

Friday, January 19th vs Cathedral Catholic @6pm (League)

Friday, January 26th vs. Montgomery @6pm (Non-League)

Wednesday, January 31st vs St. Augustine @6pm (League)

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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