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Islander Girls Soccer Loses to OLP 4-2

On Thursday, January 11, the Coronado Islanders varsity girls soccer team went head to head against the Academy of Our Lady of Peace Pilots. After much competitive play, the Islanders fell short in the end and lost 4-2.

Final score vs. OLP

The Islanders scored their two goals in the first half.

The first goal was by Sydney Dunn who used her speed to open up space for herself and scored within the first three minutes. It was looking great right off the bat for the Islanders, setting them ahead of the Pilots 1-0 with a lot of game left.

Sydney Dunn one on one against an OLP defender

After minutes passed with each team fighting for possession, Islander Emily Fernandez scored the second goal. She was able to get into the box as the ball was crossed in and popped up into the air. Fernandez used that to her advantage and as the ball was coming down she volleyed the ball into the back of the net, scoring and bringing the Islander lead to 2-0.

Emily Fernandez

As the first half came to a close, the Islanders had allowed two goals from OLP and the score was tied at 2-2.

Second Half

As the game continued, the Islanders were doing a good job at staying in possession of the ball and clearing it from potential danger. In particular, goalie Sydney Flanagan had done a magnificent job. Despite letting in a total of four goals, she had many crucial saves and allowed the Islanders to stay in the game for a long time. Flanagan had herself a night and did a great job at moving the ball out from the backfield.

Sydney Flanagan

Another important piece to the Islander puzzle was Tatiana Potter. The Islanders have speed and determination on this team and Potter shows that. To add on, Potter stole the ball many times from the Pilots’ offense. She intercepted passes and went head up against other players to disrupt their momentum.

Tatiana Potter


The Islanders were unable to come back after OLP scored four goals in a row with no retaliation. The final score was 4-2, handing the Islanders a loss for their record. They sit at 3-5 overall and 0-2 in league play.

Upcoming Home Games:

Tuesday, January 23 vs. Point Loma @6pm (Non-League)

Thursday, January 25 vs. Cathedral Catholic @6pm (League)

Tuesday, January 30 vs. OLP @6pm (League)

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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