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Skelly Adventures Kick Off the Halloween Fun at 700 Block of E Avenue


Have you seen the “Skelly Adventures” in the 700 block of E Avenue? For the last four years, Rebecca Bryant, Skelly CEO, has been decorating the front of her home with a “bones brigade” of characters that find themselves doing everything from rescuing a cat up a tree to taking off in skeleton-sized aircraft. No bones about it, you will be howling with laughter this Halloween season.


Rebecca was kind enough to share some words and photos about how it started, her favorite “skelly scenes” and what she calls “Rebecca’s Customers.”

CT:  How did it start?

Skelly Adventures started in 2020 during COVID with one lone skeleton. My parents and some of their siblings (my aunts and uncles) were more homebound due to age/health on the East Coast. I guess I wanted to do something fun to surprise them and for them to have something to look forward to. So, I set up my one skeleton as a bike-riding pirate, and texted them the pictures.

They got such a kick out of it that I did it again the next day, and the next…it was a fun creative outlet during quarantine when some days were especially hard. Skelly’s brought a little levity to the day.

Skelly CEO, Rebecca Bryant

CT:  Who are “Rebecca’s Customers”?

I noticed moms and dads walking by with their preschoolers for entertainment because school and playgrounds were still closed – little kiddos were a little stir crazy. My husband started calling the repeaters “Rebecca’s Customers.” It was so fun the first year and lots of our neighbors asked if we would do it again the following year. Now I am on my fourth year, so I am a little worried I will run out of ideas!


CT:  Do you have a favorite Skelly Adventure from the last four years?

My two favorite Skelly Adventures were both inadvertently involved with CHS.
Our family had gone to see CoSA’s production of “Chicago,” and we decided it would make for a great Skelly Adventure. Our neighbor Mia was a lead in the production so I set up “Skelly Chicago” in her front yard. I had “Roxy,” “Velma,” and “the dead guy,” a stuffed animal, audience and playbill from the show. I was even able to make a light-up CHICAGO sign, which was fun.


My favorite part about this setup was the link it had with the high schoolers, so there were a lot of selfies with CoSA kids as they walked past to school. We live on E directly behind the high school, so my hope is to get a smile from teens as they walk to school, lunch, home.

I also enjoyed creating a CHS HoCo scene…which I have done each year, but with different outfits. Last year I came outside to two high school girls doing the Skelly’s nails. The Skelly Adventure was “Skellyville Nail Salon” complete with drug store press on nails, nail polish, etc. The girls sheepishly asked if I minded them doing the Skelly Girls’ nails?! That was super fun!



Coronado needs more “Skelly CEOs” like Rebecca Bryant. Thanks for making this Halloween season more entertaining and enjoyable!

Do you have a spooky or fun Coronado Halloween tradition that you want to share? If so, please send it (and the photos) to [email protected].


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