Saturday, March 25, 2023

Islanders Boys Lacrosse Loses to Southlake Texas 16-5

On Monday, March 13th the Coronado Islander boys lacrosse team took on the Southlake Dragons from Texas. After a long fought battle, some heated moments, and exchanged words, the Islanders took the loss 16-5. 

Goalie Charles Laing had many saves

No goals were scored in the first quarter, and it was a very tight and aggressive game.

Southlake scored first in the second quarter, but Robby Spane retaliated by whipping the ball into the back of the net.

Robby Spane

Southlake would take that personally as they went on to score six more goals in the second quarter, whereas Coronado was only able to get one more, from Charley Kobets.

Charley Kobets

Derek Sandie came out of halftime with energy. He scored first and shortened the Southlake Dragons’ lead to four.

Derek Sandie

After that goal, the Islanders were not able to find much more in that quarter. The Dragons found the Islanders’ weakness and used it to their advantage, scoring seven more times to push the score to 14-3. 

Going into the fourth quarter there was a small spark from the Islanders. Jared Capin received a pass from in between the hashmarks and with precision from the corner, shot it and slid the ball by the goalie, making the score 14-4. 

A small scuffle occurred between the Islanders and the Dragons towards the end of the game. Luca Salata was aggressive, fighting for a ground ball after forcing it out of the opponent’s stick. For some reason, the Southlake player didn’t like the way he lost the ball and got very mad. The Southlake player started throwing punches towards Luca, ostensibly trying to get him to fight back. However, with great integrity, Luca backed away and did not retaliate, allowing the referees and fellow teammates to split them apart.

Luca Salata

Spane was the last to score for the Islanders, and the Southlake, Texas Dragons would had two goals to match the Islanders two during the fourth quarter.

The final score was 16-5 with the Dragons being the victors.

The next home game will be on Friday, March 17th at 7pm against La Jolla Country Day.


Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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