Coronado Library Removes DVD Fees – All Movies Free to Borrow

Patrons of the Coronado Library will happy to hear that DVD fees (50 cents) to borrow movies have been removed.  Movies can be borrowed for one week, however, a late fee of $1/day will be imposed if they are not returned on time.

Cynthia Smith, Interim Director of Library Services, commented:

The Library is always evaluating services that we offer to our patrons.  There was a time when DVDs were a new technology, not budgeted for, and fees were needed.  This is now included in the budget.  We know that our patrons wanted DVDs to be free since many other libraries (including those in San Diego) do not charge for borrowing DVDs.

Smith also shared that the Coronado Library has a free online streaming service called Kanopy. This service can be accessed online and activated with your Coronado Library card.

Browse the Coronado Library’s collection of DVDs in person, or visit their online catalog located at:

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