Cops and Robbers: Mail Theft Results in Three Stolen Guns (10/30/18-11/8/18)


11/6/18: Attaining Credit with False ID near 300 block of Ocean Boulevard

Unknown suspect applied for a Credit One Bank credit card using the victim’s personal information. The unknown suspect charged $1,220.26 on the credit card.

11/5/18-11/6/18: Mail Theft near 200 block of Orange Avenue


Unknown suspect opened victim’s mail package containing three black powder antique firearms.

11/2/18-11/5/18: Grand Theft Property near 600 block of Ninth Street

Unknown suspect entered a construction site by lifting up fencing and stole multiple items totaling approximately $2,420.

10/30/18: NSF Checks (Felony) near 700 block of First Street

Victim discovered a check he sent in the mail had the payee name changed and the amount augmented from $18.95 to $418.95.


11/8/18: Trespassing – Misdemeanor near 800 block of Guadalupe Avenue

34 year old male

11/7/18: Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor near 800 block of Silver Strand Boulevard

68 year old male

11/6/18: Juvenile Detention Order – Misdemeanor near 1100 block of Adella Avenue

15 year old male

11/5/18: Resisting Police Officer – Misdemeanor near 500 block of Marina Avenue

17 year old male

11/3/18: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs – Misdemeanor near 1500 block of Orange Avenue

46 year old male

11/3/18: Inflicting Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant – Felony near 900 block of D Avenue

36 year old female

11/2/18: Outside Warrant – Misdemeanor near 200 block of Prospect Place

34 year old male

11/1/18: Resisting Police Officer near 1800 block of State Route-75

43 year old female

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