Cops and Robbers: Explosives Found Under Vehicle on Pine Street (6/27/18-7/12/18)

Thanks to the Coronado Police Department for providing The Coronado Times with the below information (partial list):


7/11/18: Violation of Court Order to Prevent Domestic Violence

Subject was served a temporary restraining order to say away from the victim. Subject was staying at a hotel when he was served the restraining order by a hotel employee. Shortly after, victim called the police to report that subject was violating the restraining order when she observed him at the hotel that she was also staying at.

7/10/18: Burglary of the First Degree near 1400 block of Second Street

Unknown suspect entered an unoccupied residential property and stole two envelopes containing U.S. currency totaling $4,000.

7/9/18-7/10/18: Benefit by False Financial Statement Using False ID near 1100 block of Alameda Boulevard

Unknown suspects posed as the victims’ grandson and advised them he was incarcerated. Unknown suspect then posed as a Deputy in charge of bail, advising the victims that they need approximately $12,000 for the “grandson’s” bail and attorney fees.

7/9/18: Battery on Spouse or Cohabitant at Unknown Location

Suspect and victim have been dating for one year. During a verbal argument, the suspect struck the victim on the face with an open hand.

7/8/18: Explosives Found near 1100 block of Pine Street

Two male juvenile suspects created a homemade smoke launcher. After using the item, they disposed of it, placing it between the fender and tire of the left rear wheel well of the victim’s vehicle. San Diego Sherriff Bomb/Arson was dispatched and determined the item to be safe.

7/7/18: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 1000 block of Park Place

Unknown suspects drew graffiti with brown paint on a city park bench.

7/6/18: Robbery near 1700 block of Avenida Del Mundo

Unknown suspect took the victim’s bicycle from the property’s garage. The property doorman tried to get the bicycle back, grabbing the back of the bicycle, and the suspect pulled it away causing the doorman to stumble to the ground. The suspect then fled the scene. The total approximated loss is $4,500.

7/6/18: Petty Theft near 300 block of G Avenue

Victim left her purse inside suspect’s vehicle at the location unintentionally. Suspect has failed to return the victim’s property after repeated contact attempts. The stolen property is valued at approximately $550.

7/4/18-7/5/18: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 700 block of Tolita Avenue

Unknown suspect vandalized the sidewalk located in front of the location and fled in an unknown direction. The total cost to repair is unknown.

7/4/18: Grand Theft near 800 block of Ocean Boulevard

Unknown suspect stole a locked bicycle in front of the location. Victim estimated the bicycle’s value at $2,000.

6/30/18-7/1/18: Burglary near 200 block of E Avenue

Unknown suspect entered two locked vehicles parked on a public roadway by unknown means. This victim was contacted by phone approximately a week later. Miscellaneous items were taken from the vehicle totaling approximately $710.

6/30/18: Petty Theft near 200 block of Prospect Place

Two surveillance cameras were stolen from the Coronado Medical building by an unknown suspect.

6/27/18-6/28/18: Burglary of the Second Degree near 1600 block of Pomona Avenue

Unknown suspect burglarized victim’s locked vehicle while parked at the location. Victim’s personal items including clothing, credit cards, and miscellaneous items were taken. Two of the victim’s credit cards were later used fraudulently at several businesses in San Diego. The estimated loss from the fraudulent charges and items stolen is $2,678. The estimated cost to replace the broken window is between $250-$500.


7/12/18: Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor near 500 block of First Street

28 year old male

7/10/18: Disorderly Conduct Due to Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 2000 block of Mullinex Drive

44 year old female

7/9/18: Trespassing – Misdemeanor near 1600 block of Glorietta Boulevard

36 year old male

7/8/18: Felony Bench Warrant of Arrest – Felony near 600 block of Orange Avenue

29 year old male

7/6/18: Inflicting Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant – Felony near 1400 block of Leyte Road

21 year old male

7/6/18: Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor near 800 block of Fifth Street

33 year old female

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