Former Employee Alleges Wrongful Termination from Candelas on the Bay

This case involves a previous employee who performed labor at Candelas on the Bay. Plaintiff was a hardworking and dedicated full-time employee hired in June 2016 as a Manager, who was not paid for all hours worked, was not paid all applicable fringe benefits, and was not authorized or permitted to take 30-minute unpaid meal periods, when she worked five or more hours, or 10-minute unpaid rest breaks every four hours of labor or major fraction thereof. Plaintiff additionally objected to and complained to Defendant about unfair business practices Defendant was knowingly and intentionally practicing at the restaurant, including but not limited to hiring illegal aliens at the restaurant. Defendant intimidated and attempted to ignore Plaintiff’s concerns and then retaliated against Plaintiff for her resistance by machinating the termination of her employment.

Read the entire Ortega vs. Candelas complaint.


More information will be added as story develops and as information is made public.

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