Rocky – A Brave Kitty who Beat the Odds and the Bridge to reach his Birthday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our BRAVE BRIDGE Kitty! Who turns 1 today!

    Rocky is a bit of a Bionic Boy, a teenage cat who survived being thrown from a

    car window on the Coronado Bridge as a little Kitten, and rescued by a Good Samaritan.

    He’s our wonder boy, our miracle child who rallied to become an energetic, skippy-doodle kind

    of guy, now celebrating his first birthday. His foster mom was committed to getting this 2 month

    kitten in shape, tending to the injury to his front leg with this fall onto the bridge.

    He responded so well to a holistic medicine approach, Rocky is now a vibrant, active kitty

    and is ready for his forever home. He is a lovable, energetic teen who is curious about everything. Attentive to his family, he likes to sit on the couch with you and watch whatever is going on.

    “Rocky the Rocket” truly enjoys the company of other cats and looks forward to any opportunity

    to play. Because he responded so well to the holistic remedies prescribed for him, it is important for his new family to continue this style of medicine to keep him healthy.

    If Interested in Adopting Rocky the Rocket:

    Please contact Claudene via PAWS of Coronado.


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    please stop be the Coronado ACF (1395 First Street)

    Open EVERYDAY from 9am to 4pm!

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    PAWS of Coronado was established in 2003. PAWS manages the Coronado Animal Care Facility and cares for the orphaned cats and dogs of Coronado while they find them their forever homes.