Friday, September 29, 2023

PAWS of Coronado Assists In Rescue Efforts of Beagles

Of the 100+ beagles that arrived in San Diego on August 31st, PAWS was able to assist in finding two of those beagles their forever homes. The two beagles that PAWS took into their care flew into Gillespie Field through the efforts of San Diego Humane Society, and then were released to fosters and other animal welfare organizations throughout the county.

PAWS employees Sierra Casey and Jennifer Stein with beagles brought to the Coronado Animal Care Facility.

It was there that PAWS of Coronado welcomed a male puppy and a 3-year-old female beagle into their care. “We were excited and eager to collaborate with animal welfare organizations across the US to improve the lives of these beagles,” said Dr. Daniel Barbour, PAWS Veterinary Services Manager. The beagles were part of the 4,000 beagles rescued from a mass-breeding research facility, named Envigo, in Virginia.

Fortunately, unlike most of their incoming dogs and cats, PAWS had a chance to prepare for the beagles’ care in advance. PAWS was grateful to see the support of the community that stepped up to help welcome these beagles into PAWS care, allowing the two pups to be placed directly into homes following their medical assessments. PAWS, along with shelters all over the country, continues to be faced with overcrowding and complex veterinary medical cases but remains committed to our mission of advocating for animal welfare. As such, PAWS welcomed the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of these beagles.
You can help PAWS in their efforts by volunteering, fostering or donating to support their animal welfare efforts.

You can visit their website for more information at Help make a difference in the lives of animals.




PAWS of Coronado
PAWS of Coronado
PAWS of Coronado was established in 2003. PAWS manages the Coronado Animal Care Facility and cares for the orphaned cats and dogs of Coronado while they find them their forever homes.