Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Spreckels Society Summer Donor Thank You Party: A Celebration of Heritage

CHA President Clyde Van Arsdall addresses the crowd.

On Sunday, September 24, history enthusiasts and dedicated supporters of the Coronado Historical Association (CHA) gathered at the picturesque residence of Bill and Joan Huck for the Spreckels Society Summer Donor Thank You Party. This exclusive event, chaired by CHA Vice President Robin Siara and CHA Treasurer Chris Keyes, proved to be a memorable celebration of heritage and a heartfelt expression of gratitude. One of the evening’s standout moments was the enchanting classical guitar performance by Jennifer Franks. Her music set the perfect tone for an evening dedicated to preserving Coronado’s rich architectural and cultural heritage.

During the event, CHA President Clyde Van Arsdall delivered a moving speech emphasizing the importance of preserving Coronado’s unique heritage. His words resonated with the attendees, underlining the mission of the CHA to protect and promote the history of Coronado.

The party also served as an opportunity to express sincere gratitude to CHA’s staff. Their dedication and hard work are instrumental in safeguarding Coronado’s historical treasures. A significant announcement was made during the festivities, unveiling CHA’s new collections workshop initiative. This project aims to stabilize and rehouse items from the historic collection, ensuring that these invaluable artifacts are preserved for generations to come. The workshop will be open in CHA’s galleries from October through December this year.

The Spreckels Society, at the heart of this event, plays a crucial role in supporting CHA’s mission. Comprising of sustaining members at the Spreckels, Polo, and Founder membership levels, the society provides vital support to CHA’s endeavors. Spreckels Society members enjoy access to exclusive events throughout the year, which offer a deeper connection to the history and culture of Coronado.

The Spreckels Society Summer Donor Thank You Party was not only a moment of appreciation for CHA’s generous donors but also a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving the cherished history of Coronado. As the sun set over Coronado, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that their support ensures that the stories of this remarkable coastal town continue to be told for generations to come. For more information about the Coronado Historical Association and its mission, visit coronadohistory.org and discover how you can be a part of preserving history.



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