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L’Orangerie: New French Restaurant Opens at Coronado Historical Association Museum

L’Orangerie at CHA (The Coronado Times)

The Coronado Historical Association Museum is pleased to announce the grand
opening on June 28, 2024 of a new restaurant: L’Orangerie, a truly authentic French
experience. L’Orangerie, brought to you by the Coronado Historical Association
Museum, promises to ‘bring a touch of France to beautiful Coronado’ in an exciting
blend of three hundred years of tradition and contemporary chic.

In the kitchen, Chef Philippe Maurin is the captain of the ship. The chef of L’Orangerie
has been cooking for decades and leads a handpicked culinary team to forge a
reputation for excellence in French cuisine. Chef Philippe managed a
Michelin-star-rated restaurant before opening L’Orangerie. As a result, Chef Philippe
has been influenced by some of the greatest French chefs.

It’s more than a restaurant, L’Orangerie is a flavorful expression of French culture and
cuisine. Chef Philippe Maurin said, “I’m so excited to be presenting my heritage, my
heritage of cuisine, to Coronado. My culinary experience is worldwide. I’ve worked all
over Europe, but now living and working in Coronado, it’s a special experience to open
a place here in downtown Coronado for the locals and the visitors to enjoy. We’re a
special venue with well-crafted dishes serving visitors from around the globe.”

Philippe’s dedication to quality extends beyond the kitchen, with a commitment to
utilizing organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, ensuring a truly
unforgettable dining experience. L’Orangerie’s menu will feature a curated selection of
French classics, complemented by weekly or daily specials highlighting the best
produce of the season. Pastries, artisan breads, quiches, and rich entrees are just
some of the options available. L’Orangerie also boasts a wide selection of the best French
wines and cheeses that can accompany any meal.

L’Orangerie’s atmosphere has been built up to complement the space and has
undergone a meticulous renovation to create a classic, black-and-white ambiance that
reflects the elegance of French dining and aligns with the Coronado Historical
Association’s historic 1100 Orange building. With the museum’s history and guided by a
spirit of entertaining nostalgia, the restaurant suspends time and makes the experience
feel old and new at the same time.

“We are delighted to have L’Orangerie open at the Coronado Historical Association
Museum,” said Clyde Van Arsdall, CHA’s Board President. “With Chef Philippe at the
helm, we are able to provide visitors to the museum a world-class cultural and culinary
arts experience.”

L’Orangerie Happy Hour (The Coronado Times)

L’Orangerie is open Sunday-Thursday from 11:30 am to 8 pm, and Friday and Saturday
11 am-9 pm. A Happy Hour will be featured 2:30 -5:30 pm Monday through Friday.
L’Orangerie Café is located at 1100 Orange Avenue within the Coronado Historical
Association Museum.



Bon Appétit! L’Orangerie to Open in Coronado

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