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Bon Appétit! L’Orangerie to Open March 15

Philippe Maurin, chef and owner of L’Orangerie, coming to 1100 Orange Avenue.

The Coronado restaurant landscape continues to see changes. Next up is a small French concept called L’Orangerie, owned and run by French chef Philippe Maurin, who moved to Coronado in late 2023. He promises to bring an authentic concept to the Coronado scene with his new restaurant at 1100 Orange Ave.

Pierrick Maurin, Philippe’s son, is engaged to a CHS ’16 graduate who grew up in Coronado. When Pierrick attended Boston University, his then-girlfriend was in Mexico. The couple would meet in Coronado to spend time together. Pierrick recalls, “The first time I came here, I was like, ‘what IS this place?’ It’s amazing. I found paradise.”

Pierrick told his parents about Coronado, enthusiastic about the paradise where his fiancée grew up. When his father, Philippe, planned a family trip to the U.S. from Belgium, Pierrick insisted that they visit Coronado. Philippe explored the island and immediately understood what his son was telling him, “You are right – this is paradise.” So began the four-year long dream to open a restaurant in Coronado.

1100 Orange Avenue, future home of L’Orangerie. (The Coronado Times)

L’Orangerie will fill the space that Tent City Restaurant recently vacated. Philippe has decades of restaurant experience, including working at a Michelin star restaurant. A chef for over twenty years, Philippe is very particular about his ingredients. He shares, “We work with fruits and vegetables of the season, rotating special dishes of the week.” Pierrick jumps in, “my dad is crazy about organic – vegetables, eggs, fish, it will all be small circuit.”

The native French speakers are animated as they discuss L’Orangerie. Philippe says the restaurant will be, “authentic French, high quality ingredients.” When asked about the menu he says, “we don’t need 20 options.” Their focus will be a limited, seasonal menu that gets it right each time. In addition to the base menu, there will be a weekly or daily special capitalizing on the freshest ingredients.

Pierrick shares a story of how Philippe once became obsessed with blue cheese and wanted to find the best blue cheese out there. And he learned it was actually made in California! Thus cementing the mission to recreate French food culture by using local California ingredients.

Philippe is partnering with Coronado construction company Nicolls Construction to renovate the space, which includes updating the kitchen. As for the all over look of the new restaurant, guests can expect a classic, black and white vibe. Philippe says, “It’s a nice space to work with, it’s a nice atmosphere.”

Pierrick, involved in tech, is helping his father get started. Their website is coming soon, but they are focusing on a grassroots approach. L’Orangerie plans to open its doors at 1100 Orange Ave. on March 15, 2024. Bon appétit!

Alyssa K. Burns
Alyssa K. Burns
Alyssa is a graduate of Coronado High School and was in the founding broadcast journalism class at CHS. She earned her BA in Communication from CSU East Bay and completed her MBA from CSU San Marcos. Her passion for writing and interest in the behind the scenes of business, leads her to write frequently about Coronado businesses. You can find Alyssa walking around the ferry landing with her husband and shih-tzu terrier or enjoying a cup of coffee at one of Coronado's favorite cafes.Have a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected]

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