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Kanpai for the Arts! Saiko Sushi Hosts Sake Brewers’ Dinner; Portion of Proceeds to Benefit CoSA – May 12

Saiko Sushi Coronado is excited to host a six-course Sake Brewers’ Dinner on Friday, May 12th featuring four Master Sake Brewers from Japan. The special menu is designed by Chef Anthony Pascale, made from hyper-local produce and ingredients and paired with six different award-winning sakes. Diners will enjoy creative and inventive dishes featuring local, wild-caught fish right off the boat, such as Sheephead, Razor Crab, tuna and yellowtail, as well as delicious game like wild boar.  And don’t forget a delectable array of sauces, sides and treatments including Leche de Tigre, Blood Orange Gel, Purple Sweet Potato Puree, Beet Syrup and Cantaloupe Gazpacho.

But the real star of the show, according to Pascale, is the sake.

“Sake brewers are my inspiration,” said Pascale, who is also an Advanced Sake Professional in addition to chef. “You see a lot of wine dinners, and beer dinners, but not sake. We’re excited to say that Saiko Sushi is a pioneer in the San Diego sake scene.”

For each of the six courses, the sake brewers will share fun information about their sake, and Pascale will give some juicy details on each of the dishes. Pascale says that he and his team have already spent hours tasting each and every sake, taking notes and writing down thoughts. Then, he said, they start cooking and tasting to create the perfect dish to complement the sake; it’s all about the pairings.

And nothing goes better with a fresh, progressive approach to dining than the creative experience of student artists, which is why Saiko Sushi is donating a portion of its proceeds to the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA.)

“We’ve been in Coronado for 12 years, and we love it; we are happy and lucky to be here. So this is our chance to give back,” said Pascale. “Coronado has been really, really good to us for a long time, so we want to make sure we live up to our end of the bargain. We want to be as awesome to Coronado, as it has been to us.”

The bar opens at 5:30 pm and the tasting starts promptly at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $100 each, plus tax and tip. Reserve your spot now by calling Saiko Sushi Coronado at 619-435-0868 to buy over the phone.

“We can’t wait for the dinner, and to get everyone excited about sake,” said Pascale.

About CoSA
Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) is San Diego County’s premier public school arts conservatory, home to 200 scholar artists grades 9 through 12, who attend the nationally ranked Coronado High School. CoSA provides an intense, pre-professional arts education to students from Coronado and from all over San Diego, who are admitted after a competitive application/audition process.
Each school day CoSA offers three or more hours of instruction, pairing young artists with educators who are also industry specialists. With a curriculum designed by professional artist/educators, students are immersed in their chosen specialty in one of six conservatories: Classical and Contemporary Dance, Digital Arts (Animation, Filmmaking, Game Design, and Graphic Design), Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre & Drama, Theatre Production, Design & Management and Visual Art.  CoSA is a State of California-approved Career Technical Education program.
Our award-winning student artists perform and exhibit at the Coronado Performing Arts Center on the Coronado High School campus, in either the 570 seat Main Stage or 80 seat Black Box theatre. Coronado Performing Arts Center is also available for rent to local organizations. About twenty five percent of the CoSA budget is raised each year by the CoSA Foundation. If you would like to see the arts continue to thrive in education, please consider making a donation at



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