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Gelato Paradiso Ready for a Sorbetto Summer

Since setting up shop in 1999 (late 2017 in Coronado), Gelato Paradiso has been on a mission to create some of the finest gelatos and sorbettos available. Building upon authentic Sicilian recipes passed down through generations, we craft our menu with natural ingredients such as the highest quality nuts, chocolate, local produce, and imported Italian gelato pastes. Up to 30 distinct flavors of gelato and fresh fruit sorbettos are made daily on-site in our shop with artisanal flair.

When we are not busy making gelato, our team is finding ways to volunteer in their communities through our company run volunteer program called BRIDGE. Gelato Paradiso contributes $30 per hour volunteered per employee. Funds at the end of the year are then distributed by employees to local charities of their choice.

Visit us at 918 Orange Ave this summer to say hi to our team and try our summer menu of flavors including rotating fresh fruit summer sorbettos! Our summer menu includes our classic gelato flavors as well as our Campfire S’mores which will run through September. Summer Sorbetto flavors include Guava, Pineapple, Peach, Coconut, Hibiscus Flower, Passion Fruit, Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Plum.



Gelato Paradiso Grand Opening Weekend

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