Friday, March 31, 2023

Islander Girls Lacrosse Earns Another Win in Matchup with Edison Knights

Final score of Islander girls lacrosse game vs Edison Knights

In a game filled with energy, intensity, and finesse the Coronado Islanders showed the Edison Chargers out of Huntington Beach who they were up against. With a final score of 10-7, the Islanders move on to 2-0.


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Edison started off strong, being the first team to score within the first three minutes of play. A little unexpected due to the way Coronado had played in their first game, but nothing to be worried about.

Coronado answered back shortly after with a goal from Maria Anaya, who received a pass and with much focus, played the ball right by the Edison defenders and goalie.

Freshman Maria Anaya

It was an stressful game, back and forth, each team scoring.

Luckily for Coronado, they were able to go into the half with momentum and were up 4-3, thanks to goals from Julia Mineo, Lauren Hundley, and Katie Collins. 

Katie Collins stepped up after a goal by Edison and brought energy and life to her teammates by scoring an electric goal where she snagged a pass out of the air, and moments later quickly released a shot into the net. That momentum allowed Coronado to score twice more.

Katie Collins after scoring a goal

After the half, the Islanders started back up strong. Junior Julia Mineo was just adding to her stats as if scoring goals was as easy at getting food at an all you can eat buffet. She used her speed and stick skills to evade defenders and slide the ball quickly into the goal, extending the lead and still looking hungry for more.

Julia Mineo, with the bright full moon in the background.

After that goal, Edison seemed to take it personally. They went on to score three times in a row with the Islanders scoring none. Edison was now ahead by one, 6-5.

But the Islanders weren’t going to let that slide. What’d they do? Scored four times in a row while not allowing Edison to score any; thus regaining the lead and extending it. The score now 9-6, Islanders.

Sydney Dunn and Brooklyn Parma were alongside Julia in the hunt for taking the lead and scoring more goals.

Sydney seemed unstoppable with her agility, quick change in direction, and stick skills, sinking in two goals. With her, Brooklyn had made a nasty catch and released the ball fast in front of the goalie, as if the ball teleported, and it went straight into the net.

Even though the Coronado defense was doing extremely well, they let in one final goal before the game ended. However, Julia has no remorse when it comes to wanting more, so she decided to score again to have the last laugh.

The final score was was Islanders for the win 10-7 and now 2-0 on the season.

The next home game will be against the San Marcos Knights on Friday, March 10th at 7pm. Come out and cheer on this winning team!

Scoring Overview:

Julia Mineo – 4 goals

Sydney Dunn – 2 goals

Maria Anaya – 1 goal

Katie Collins – 1 goal

Lauren Hundley – 1 goal

Brooklyn Parma – 1 goal

Total: 10 goals

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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