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Coronado Boys Soccer Suffer 4-3 PK Loss in CIF Game Against Point Loma

An incredibly close, nail-biting game was played between two rival schools. Coronado and Point Loma played their third game of the season against each other on Saturday, February 18th, and this one was for all the marbles as it was part of the CIF San Diego Section Div. 1 playoffs. The Islanders had beaten Point Loma twice in the regular season already. Once at home and once away. They were looking to secure the closeout and win three times in a row and move on in the bracket. However, it was not possible, as the Islanders would lose 4-3 in a penalty kick shootout.

As the Islanders started the night, they came out with a lot of energy and confidence. Throughout the entire game the energy never failed to be present. Pass after pass, shot after shot, it was a nail-biter every minute.

The constant switch from offense to defense, and having momentum constantly change was the most stressful part. Nobody knew what was going to happen next because of how competitive it was.

Goalie Xander Wastila had a phenomenal night with many saves that would turn the tide for part of the game. When it came time, the Islanders were called for a penalty inside the box. That would give Point Loma the ability to have a penalty kick. The shot was taken and blocked at first, ricocheting off Xander going straight back to the Point Loma player who would strike the ball again. That ball was to only be met by Xander, who was a brick wall, saving the Islanders the hassle of needing to come back.

The Islanders played the entire regulation time going back and forth, yet not being able to score. The same occurred with Point Loma. Along with that, after the regulation time expired they went into overtime with an extra 15 minutes in hopes that someone would score. That hope was dashed as the OT expired and the game went into a penalty kick shootout.

The Penalty Kick shootout did not help with stress levels. 16 and 17 year old teenagers were growing grey hairs just watching the events unfold.

Penalty Shootout

The shootout went as seen:

  • Dylan Groeneveld Scored first with a laser into the net (1-0 Islanders)
  • Xander Wastila with a save (1-0 Islanders)
  • Nick Lorr shot was blocked by Point Loma goalie (1-0 Islanders)
  • Xander Wastila with another save for the Islanders (1-0 Islanders)
  • Conner Eckenroth missing by inches shooting over top of the goal (1-0 Islanders)
  • Point Loma sneaks one by Xander and scores (1-1 Tied)
  • Emillio Rassvetaieff slides the ball by Point Loma’s goalie (2-1 Islanders)
  • Point Loma inches the ball past Xander and scores (2-2 Tied)
  • Aiden Trieschman scores for Coronado (3-2 Islanders)
  • Point Loma scores yet again (3-3 Tied)
  • Gabe Littrell takes a shot and is blocked (3-3 Tied)
  • Point Loma scores (4-3 Point Loma)

With that final shot and goal from Point Loma, the Pointers would win the game, eliminating the Islanders from the CIF finals.

Team Captain and Senior Nick Lorr mentioned post game that he is ultimately going to “miss playing with his best friends” and that “even though I am sad that I won’t play another game in high school, I’m really excited to play at the next level (college).”

To add onto that, Team Captain and Senior Dylan Groeneveld was also kind enough to say a few words after the game. He exclaims that “playing my last game in high school was very bitter-sweet especially knowing that it was the last time I ever get to play competitive soccer with my brother.” He also said that he hopes the team will build off of the foundation that Nick and himself helped to make for the team and that he hopes they will continue to play competitively and with accountability. Finally, Dylan wanted to thank his brother Sean for coming back to Coronado to play soccer with him. He said he’s a “great player, but more importantly a great teammate and brother.”

This game concluded the Coronado Islander boys varsity soccer season.


Graham Bower
Graham Bower
Graham Bower is a proud "Navy kid" and a student at CHS, class of 2024. He is a captain of the football team and plays multiple positions, including quarterback. Graham has always had a passion to create and share content, starting in the sixth grade making videos at the skatepark in Naples, Italy. From there, it kicked off and became a huge interest. After taking video production, digital media, and photography classes from 2018-2021, he finally got a professional camera in November of 2021.He started creating sports videos for the school and sharing them on Instagram. Since then, he has continued to create videos not only for many sports and activities, always being open to new ideas and opportunities to grow his experience. Graham plans to study film and photography and play football in college.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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