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E-bike & B-safe Coronado! (video)

Today, e-bikes are everywhere, from Coronado's beach to the bays and on our bike paths and residential and downtown streets. With the increase in riders, there is of course an increase in the potential for accidents. To help ensure the safety for all riders and pedestrians, please pay special attention to these rules of the road along with some important safety tips.

City launches e-bike campaign with a focus on safety, accident prevention, preparedness.

Bikes and e-bikes at Coronado Middle School

In light of the ever-growing popularity of electric bicycles in Coronado, the City has launched a new e-bike safety campaign designed to educate the community on safety, preparedness and accident prevention.

The “E-bike & B-safe Coronado!” campaign will be an ongoing initiative that will focus on all e-bike users, including youth. The campaign includes handouts on safety tips, a list of frequently asked questions, and a handy foldable brochure on road rules in English and Spanish. It also includes e-bike safety videos, a planned bike rodeo, as well as a review of the City’s current regulations.

As part of the City’s efforts to better understand the e-bike trend, an internal ad-hoc committee was recently formed to take a closer look at the growing use of e-bikes within Coronado and to determine the best ways to ensure for the safe operation of e-bikes. The committee is led by the City Manager’s Office with representatives from various City departments, including public safety. The committee also will incorporate feedback from the community and the City’s Mobility Commission.

“Our goal with this campaign and the committee is to analyze e-bike usage to develop ongoing ways to engage and educate the public on the safe operation of e-bikes,” Assistant City Manager Tony Winney said. “We plan to review current regulations and possibly infrastructure as it relates to e-bikes to address what has become a growing concern in Coronado.”

The City has heard concerns about e-bike riders without helmets, getting distracted by cell phones and not stopping at red lights and stop signs. Winney said the City will work on developing partnerships with our local schools, the Navy, hotels, and bike rental shops to share knowledge and best practices. The committee will continue to meet in the coming months to gauge the success of the outreach campaign and to determine if additional enforcement actions are necessary, beyond citations being actively issued by the Coronado Police Department.

Beginning this week, residents will see increased e-bike safety messaging in town, on the City’s website and via social media. The City will have promotional materials available at various City facilities, including the Library, Police and Fire departments, and City Hall, as well as at local schools, bike rental shops and via various civic organizations. The materials also may be downloaded and printed.

Watch this Public Service Announcement (PSA) video featuring City Manager Tina Friend and Coronado Police Officer Qui-Lan Dang, the first in a series of e-bike safety videos the City is planning. 

Public Service Announcement by the City of Coronado’s E-bike & B-safe Coronado! campaign:

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming Bike Rodeo for bike riders coming up in November.

To learn more about the E-bike & B-safe Coronado! campaign, visit


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