Saturday, January 28, 2023

City to Launch E-Bike Safety Campaign as Use Soars

E-bikes at Coronado middle school. City of Coronado image.

Electric bikes are more popular than ever. Coronado students are using them in growing numbers and more adults are buying them to get around town. Electric bikes can travel faster than a traditional bike, raising potential safety concerns.

While there have been no serious incidents in Coronado, the City is taking additional steps to educate the public and pursue greater enforcement.

E-bike riders have been seen on sidewalks in the business district, running stop signs and riding while using mobile phones. These dangerous activities can lead to accidents. Generally, bicyclists and e-bike riders are subject to all the same rules of the road as motorists. Fortunately, there have been only a handful of incidents in Coronado involving e-bikes.

Coronado Police say so far this year there have been three collisions involving adults on e-bikes and two involving juveniles on e-bikes. Other cities are dealing with more serious incidents, including Carlsbad, where there were two fatal accidents in recent weeks, one involving an e-bike and another a bicycle.

The City will be launching its own e-bike safety campaign in the coming weeks to bring awareness to the potential dangers, reminding users of the rules of the road, and offering tips on how to stay safe.


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