Thursday, December 8, 2022

CUSD Superintendent Message

As the omicron surge continues to affect our community, our absence rates remain high but holding. We had a 17% student absence rate today compared to 16% last Tuesday; and 8% of staff were out today compared to 9% last week. Note: absences are for all reasons and are not exclusive to COVID related circumstances. 

Fortunately, the situation has not deterred our professional educators from providing, or students from accessing, high quality instruction. I visited multiple school sites this morning, where navigating logistical support for staff was challenging, and I was able to observe classroom interactions and activities. It was inspiring to witness top-notch teaching, enthusiasm, and professionalism from our dedicated staff. Students were engaged, happy, and feeling connected, challenged, and championed in our care.

The health-care professionals on our Covid Response Team continue to track cases and provide guidance to students regarding online learning (CCD) and return to school protocols. Questions can be directed to  [email protected].