Friday, April 16, 2021

Coronado Restaurants Recommend Their Most Delicious Dishes

We know you want to show your support to Coronado restaurants, especially when they are limited to offering only take-out service, but what to order?

To help you decide, the Coronado Chamber asked 14 local restaurant owners to make two selections: 1) the must-try menu item for people ordering with them for the first time and 2) something a little more unusual for regulars who always default to their same favorite!

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We’ll kick off with the two restaurants that have opened since the last lockdown – Parakeet Café at 1134 Orange Avenue with its super-healthy, prettily-presented fare, and Serrano’s Coronado at 126 Orange Avenue with its extra-tasty Mexican street food and creative cocktails.

PARAKEET CAFE 1) For breakfast: Organic Greens Scrambled Eggs (with spinach, asparagus, green beans, avocado and labneh). For lunch: Parakeet Bowl (with brown rice, roasted mushrooms, sesame collard greens and almond butter miso). 2) Try one of our Winter Specials like Golden Waffle (with coconut yoghurt, roasted cinnamon apples and berries).

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Ashley & Hailie of Serrano’s Coronado serve up vibrant cocktails with your tasty Mexican street food!

SERRANO’S CORONADO 1) Our Baja Fish Tacos are always a hit – especially on Taco Tuesday when they are just $2 a piece! 2) Grilled Octopus – so much flavor. Team with one of our signature Margaritas – Coconut, Tamarindo or Jalapeño Pineapple!

SWADDEE THAI With over 60 menu items it’s hard to choose! 1) Fried Rice Pork or Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Chicken. 2) Green or Red Curry (with chicken or pork).

BRIGANTINE 1) Swordfish with Parmesan Risotto and Broccolini 2) Wok-Charred Ahi (with jasmine rice and vegetables with wasabi-shoyu sauce).

LITTLE FRENCHIE 1) For brunch: Bruleed French Toast (custard-soaked bread pudding with crispy, caramelized top). For lunch: Frenchie’s Beef Dip (with garlic aioli, comte cheese and toasted baguette). 2) Burgundy Escargots (lightly braised in red wine and shallots then baked in the shell with garlic herb butter, served with toasted baguette.

Brant Sarber of Costa Azul serves Mexican food with a stunning view of the San Diego skyline.

COSTA AZUL 1) Carnitas Ole (seasoned pork braised in beer, citrus and spices served with rice, beans, guacamole, salsa fresca and tortillas). 2) Chili Rellenos (roasted chilies stuffed with shredded chicken and cheese, topped with salsa rojo) and of course our famous potent Margaritas made with house made sweet and sour!

TARTINE 1) Chicken Under The Brick (with the risotto of the day). 2) Beef Stroganoff or Bolognese from the Specials Menu.

NADO REPUBLIC 1) Lasagne. Not every pasta dish is well-suited to Take-Out – Carbonara, for example, especially as it is made with egg – but lasagne is delicious and we can give you the sauce on the side to add when you are ready to eat. 2) Veal Saltinbocca – an old family recipe of our Roman chef, cooked with sage and butter and wrapped in prosciutto.

THE HENRY 1) Short Rib Potstickers (with toasted sesame, cilantro and ponzu). 2) Deviled Crab Dip (with garlic brioche toast).

Emma from The Henry welcomes you to Orange Avenue’s most fashionable dining experience

TENT CITY RESTAURANT 1) TCR’s Famous Chicken Pot Pie (served with mixed greens or fruit). 2) Lime Roasted Chicken (with brussels, potatoes and garlic lime butter).

WHICHWICH SUPERIOR SANDWICHES 1) Try one of our “Faves” – something there for everyone’s liking. 2) Turn your existing order into a spinach wrap and team with our fresh lemonade. Or spice things up with hot pepper mix or fresh jalapeños!

CLAYTON’S BAKERY & BISTRO 1) Croque Madame (rosemary ham, gruyere, egg on sourdough). 2) Honey Lavender Crepe – maybe even teamed with a Honey Lavender Latte!

GARAGE BUONA FORCHETTA 1) Wood-fired, Napoletana-style Pizza Bruna (with Italian sausage, pepperoni and spicy salami). For dessert Straccetti Con Nutella (fried pizza strips drizzled with Nutella and berries). 2) Casoncelli Northern Italian Ravioli (with beef, pork, amaretto and pear) and a bottle of rich, velvety, organic Rosso Piceno Superiore Gotico Ciu Ciu wine.

SAIKO SUSHI 1) Crown Roll (tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, kani kama, garlic aioli and crispy shallots). 2) Try our Blackboard Flight 5 different pieces of freshest fish from our sushi bar, each with its own garnish – changes daily!

Which options most appealed to you? We’re going for one of everything!

You can get further inspiration by looking at the Chamber’s new Facebook page Orange Avenue Deals & Specials (@orangeavenuedeals). Here restaurants post their latest seasonal menu items, discounts and Family Meal packages etc.

You will also find great deals from local Coronado retail and a range of local services. For example, New Era Window Cleaning are offering a $25 gift certificate for sparkling holiday windows and Isabella Avenue Dentistry are offering Sinsational sparkling white teeth for just $99, down from $149 – get your smile ready for when the masks come off!

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