Saturday, January 28, 2023

Embark on Coding Adventures with Python for 4th through 8th Graders

The Coronado Public Library is launching a new series of programs teaching coding skills to children who may be missing out on traditional after school programs during the pandemic. In addition to their partnership with the Fleet Science museum, the library is now also adding a partnership with tech educator Hands-On Technology to deliver fun Python coding workshops.

Hands-On Technology aims to accelerate the understanding of computer science in elementary and middle-school age students. “This sets children up to be leaders in the computer science field later on and compete for those highly coveted STEM jobs,” said Hands-On instructor Dr. Corey Sewell.

Hands-on Technology is bringing its expertise to Coronado starting this month for children in fourth through eighth grades. A series of virtual coding workshops will educate beginner-level and intermediate-level coders on Python, one of the most popular coding languages, via puzzles, games, animations, challenges, and engaging STEM activities. The goal of each monthly lesson will be to make coding fun, approachable, and accessible to students.

“We believe that coding is critical to the future of  STEM innovation and careers and that these workshops will introduce students to Computer Science concepts.” Dr. Sewell added, “The point is to get them excited about what they can do in the future, whether in artificial intelligence, graphics, gaming, business, or anything else.”

The first workshop will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 4 pm via Zoom. This “Intro to Coding” class will cover the concepts of algorithms and “input+output” as students learn to code their very own Python programs. Classes will also feature a careers and innovations component where the group will explore how coding is used to produce today’s most interesting technology trends.

Registration for “Intro to Coding” is available through Coronado Public Library’s online events calendar at