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The Importance of Winter Window Washing

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Image: New Era Window Cleaning websiteDo you put off window washing thinking it may rain that week, or that month for that matter? It makes sense that you wouldn’t want it to rain when you’ve just had the windows cleaned. On the other hand, it might make sense to have your exterior windows cleaned during the winter months.

Have you noticed that windows with screens tend to be dirtier than your other windows? Screens provide a barrier for insects but they also trap dust and dirt inside, which can lead to residue build up over time. Months without cleaning windows and screens can cause damage to the glass as well as stain the screens.

Pure rain is clean water, though it may often pick up pollutants in the air. So, rain alone is likely to dry without spotting, unless other factors are present. If your windows tend to be hit with wind or ocean breezes, the dirt from screens and windows frames can collect on your windows. This can cause water spots to develop over time from moisture hitting the dirty glass. This is especially true when warm sunny days follow the rain.

If you normally have windows cleaned in the spring or summer, dirt can be collecting and causing glass damage for months. The solution is to have exterior windows cleaned every 3-6 months depending on weather conditions. Pole fed water systems, like the one we use, do a fantastic job of cleaning the frames around windows.

Image: New Era Window Cleaning websiteObviously, everyone’s experience will differ based on many environmental factors. If you start to notice a build up of dirt on your windows and screens, it might be a good time for a maintenance cleaning to prevent potential damage to your windows.

New Era Window Cleaning offers discounted rates November through January on outside maintenance cleanings so feel free to contact us for quotes or other inquiries. Find us through the Coronado Chamber of Commerce and at Have a New Era Day!

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