Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Pole Fed vs Traditional Window Cleaning Methods

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Has your window cleaner arrived for the job with a tank, hoses and a long pole attached? Modern technology has brought pure water systems to the window cleaning industry, and many cleaners are utilizing these products today. So what is the difference from the squeegee method and how does it work?

Traditional Squeegee Window Cleaning

Traditionally, all cleaners used some form of squeegee cleaning technique on windows. A cleaning solution, a scrubber and a squeegee has been the norm for decades. This technique is still used indoors and is still necessary for some exterior windows. Many cleaners continue to only use this style of cleaning while others combine this technique with a pure water system.

Pure Water Pole Fed Window Cleaning

When I moved to San Diego a few years ago, I woke up one morning after heavy rains to notice my car looked like it had been cleaned at a car wash. There were no water spots to be seen. Rain water, when particulates have been cleared from the air, is pure water. Essentially, the water fed pole systems manufactured today create 100% clean, pure water.

Pure water is a great cleaning agent. Cleaned with a pole, a brush to scrub the windows, and a stream of water for rinsing, your windows dry spot free. San Diego water is considered hard, with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels reaching 500 in some communities. New Era Window Cleaning uses a 4-Stage filtration system: separate sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, and a deionization filter which creates a TDS level of 0.

Both methods of cleaning can produce quality results. Many of our customers comment on the shiny sheen after using a pole fed system. Pure water systems can reduce the hazards of cleaning by eliminating the need for tall ladders. These systems also do a better job at cleaning windows frames.

New Era Window CleaningRegardless of the method used, the final product is more dependent on the one doing the cleaning than the system. So, whether your cleaner only uses traditional methods, or incorporates modern technology, your windows should look fantastic after they are properly cleaned.

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