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ClassPass in Coronado – Flexibility and Multiple Options to Improve Your Health

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There are a lot of options for people in Coronado when it comes to improving their health and well-being, from gyms offering High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Jazzercise, yoga to hardcore bootcamps, nail salons and spas to cold plunges and breath work. It is challenging and often overwhelming to know what the right fit might be, and what will motivate people to commit to working out or taking time for themselves. ClassPass, a downloadable app that markets itself as being “one app for all things fitness, wellness and beauty,” allows users the option to build their own routine without having to commit to one gym, spa or wellness center.

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Not every fitness center and salon partners with ClassPass but there are a number of them in Coronado. As of April 16, the following local businesses can be scheduled through class pass: F45 Training Coronado, Yoga on C, Island Yoga, Sweat Circuit, Jazzercise, Performance Elite, Coronado Academy of Dance, Elevate Performance, Jo Stretch, Huff and Chill Studio, Orchid Day Spa, Island Esthetics, Roses the Salon, Nail Studio Coronado, Spa by Aurarius.

ClassPass is not limited to Coronado and has offerings all over San Diego, around the country, and around the world. I was introduced to ClassPass by a friend who talked about how much she enjoyed the flexibility of it and shared her referral code with me. The two week free trial offered by ClassPass gives you more credits than you will likely be able to use, allowing you to try out a multitude of fitness centers. The free trial can’t be used for salons or spa treatments, but can be used for workouts. At any time during or after the two-week trial period users can sign up to receive full access and benefits to ClassPass. If you have a friend that uses ClassPass ask them for a referral and you will get extra credits for the trial period and they will get credits on their account if you elect to sign up for a membership.

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ClassPass members have a number of membership options with which to purchase credits that can be used at the businesses that are part of their network. Each business sets its own rate, and the number of credits required per class adjusts based on class size and popularity, but you will always get a discounted rate for classes through the class pass. The app is very user friendly and you can search by location and type of workout, treatment or class you are looking for. The app also allows you to link up with friends and see where and when they working out in case you want to join them, or invite them to a class you are planning to attend. The goal for class pass is to build a community of health focused individuals that will motivate one another.

Personally, I found ClassPass to be a game changer for my fitness regime. I like to mix up high intensity training with yoga and don’t want to have to commit to just one gym membership. With the discounted rates, ClassPass allows me to pay a single membership yet train at a number of different venues. If I want to mix things up, I can find studios or gyms in different areas of San Diego to try, or just take a break and get a pedicure or massage.

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F45 Training Coronado was the first place I tried during my free trial and I loved the high intensity interval training. The class had me invigorated and ready to really focus on my fitness journey. I spoke with the new studio manager Sahar Jalil about why F45 partners with ClassPass and she said, “We love ClassPass because it allows people to come in, try out a class and see the community we build here. Introducing a healthy form of movement and exciting way to set goals and hold yourself accountable. We want to introduce F45 to the community and ClassPass is a tool that we enjoy using to give us more exposure to those who have never heard of us before!”

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Next to F45 Training is Huff & Chill Studio – Coronado Breath Works and Ice Baths, another ClassPass option on island. Anna Richter, their manager said, “We want our place to be accessible to everyone. Everyone deserves wellness and to be able to take care of their body and mind. There are a lot of clients that use ClassPass, which is at a discounted rate, so they can try us out. We are the only full plunge and breath work business on island and we want people to be able to find us and know what we offer.”

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Yoga on C has been a part of ClassPass for three years, and owner Erin Ayres shared that it gives them great exposure. While they couldn’t survive as a business on ClassPass drop in costs alone, it does bring interested newcomers into the studio, and once they drop in, many love the community and yoga classes and decide to join.

Coronado offers a number of amazing fitness and wellness options for locals and visitors alike. ClassPass is a great way to try a variety of them out and decide which is the right fit for you.


Jeannie Groeneveld
Jeannie Groeneveld
Jeannie is a retired Naval Aviator and Public Affairs Officer whose post-Navy career includes freelance writing, PR Consulting and a two year stint as the San Diego Padres Military Affairs Advisor. Having been stationed in various parts of the country including Washington D.C., Florida and Hawaii, Jeannie appreciates how amazing the Coronado community is and loves the experience her children have had growing up here. Jeannie earned her BS in Marine Biology from Auburn University, her MS in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego and her MA in Communication and Media Relations at San Diego State University. A life-long learner and avid traveler Jeannie enjoys writing travel pieces, Navy stories and anything else that will broaden her perspective. When she is not working you will find her watching her boys play sports, walking Odin at dog beach, hiking, playing beach volleyball or spending time with the family.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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