Thursday, May 23, 2024

Celebrate Earth Day with Local Author Marianne Blackstone Tabner at Fair Trade Decor – Apr. 21

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Award-winning local author Marianne Blackstone Tabner will be signing her whimsical children’s book “Taking Turns” on Sunday, April 21 from 2 to 4 pm at Fair Trade DĂ©cor (828 Orange Ave). It will be the weekend of the Coronado Flower Show and the day before Earth Day, so stop by after the the flower show to meet Marianne, enjoy an Earth Day giveaway, and discover a new sustainable, earth-friendly product at Fair Trade DĂ©cor.

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Fair Trade DĂ©cor sells reusable Swedish sponge cloths (use instead of paper towels), Bee’s Wrap reusable food storage (use instead of plastic wrap), blu bags and a variety of tote bags (reusable, eco-friendly carry-alls), drinking glasses made from soda bottles, as well as a plethora of upcycled and recycled products from around the world, and so much more!

Always remember to bring a reusable shopping bag.

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