Friday, May 24, 2024

Petition Started to Modify Coronado Tennis Courts with “Softer” Surface

Jim Nelson, Coronado resident and tennis enthusiast, has started a petition to alert the Coronado Tennis Association to consider resurfacing the Glorietta Tennis Center courts with a “softer, reliable, state of the art surface that can be trusted for safe and comfortable game play.”  View the petition here.


The purpose of this petition is to alert the Coronado Tennis Association (CTA) to a growing desire to have the tennis courts at the Glorietta Tennis Center resurfaced with a softer, reliable, state of the art surface that can be trusted for safe and comfortable game play. DecoTurf is one such example of a court surfacing product that is used by the Olympics, US Open, and NCAA championships, and other notable events around the world.

Our “Why”

Coronado has a very active tennis community of players with a lifelong love for the game. The use of a versatile hard-court surface such as DecoTurf would provide a quality of play that would match or exceed our current courts, while also providing less impact on players’ joints and alleviate some of the safety concerns associated with a trip and fall scenario that could result in serious injury or death. Additionally, there may be insurance cost savings with a safer playing surface. There is no downside to this playing surface and it does not resemble the soft court in the Cays. These courts are used at the USTA National Campus where Coronado teams have played for the National Championship in the past.

Next Steps

We hope that the CTA will contact California Sport Surfaces or similar type provider of soft courts to obtain bids for the cost of resurfacing the tennis courts located on Glorietta Blvd. and work with the city of Coronado to begin the process of making the great game of tennis more enjoyable and safe for players of all ages.


To reach Jim Nelson for questions about this petition, please email him.

Coronado Times Staff
Coronado Times Staff
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