Villa Capri New Plans Do Not Keep Its Character

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Submitted by Kathleen Jay

I just read your article on new plans for the Villa Capri. Keeping only the name and iconic sign does not maintain the charming and historic atmosphere of the property, or of the City of Coronado. I have been visiting Coronado over 20 years, and since my retirement, I have become a temporary resident. I stay at the Villa Capri, and the proposed teardown and rebuild will ruin its charm for myself and many of its guests. In your 11/2/17 article the plans were to “refresh and restore.” Now its going to be transformed into a 40 room “high end” boutique hotel. I also found in that article quoting the owner “we need to keep it local, and keep its character.” The owner is local, but the proposed changes do not keep its character.

What do other residents of Coronado think?


Kathleen Jay

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