3rd Annual Nick Shultz USTA Jr. Open Tournament


The Coronado Tennis Center is hosting the 3rd Annual Nick Shultz USTA JR Open Tournament this weekend, September 23-25.  We have had an unprecedented amount of entries this year so matches will occupy all city courts, including all Coronado Tennis Center (CTC), high school (HS), library & Cays, starting at 2pm Friday until 10pm.  Saturday all city courts including CTC, HS, library & Cays will be used all day, from 7:30am to 10pm.  Sunday, all CTC courts will be used all day and there may be only a few matches at the HS on Sunday.

Please consider volunteering for a few hours this weekend to act as a court monitor. It’s easy, you just help to keep the matches going smoothly and keep play fair.  If you would like to help out, please respond by email to smunning@coronado.ca.us with day(s) and times you are available and a mobile phone number.


This tournament is for high level juniors so the matches are fun to watch!


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