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Internships for CHS Students – Read Testimonials from Former Interns

This is a great opportunity for CHS students who are interested in learning more about journalism, online media, using digital tools and connecting to your community.  You will be gaining real world experience that will benefit you for college applications and a future in online media.

Position:  Journalism Internship (Writing / Online Media)

Hours: 5-7 per week (very flexible – work from home)

Location: Coronado 


– Writing weekly articles related to CHS (sports, news, people and events)
– Summarizing and publishing weekly crime blotter 

– Strong writing skills
– Excellent communication skills 
– Willingness to learn quickly and add immediate impact

To Apply:

Email your resume and two writing samples to


Read Testimonials:

Ashley Jenkins, Crime Prevention Specialist, San Diego Sheriff’s Department

The opportunity to intern and work for not only gave me valuable and applicable experience and skills, but also allowed me to make professional connections in and around the community.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to meet and interview the Mayor, city officials, police and other influential community members. I also learned several new computer programs and gained professional experience designing newsletters, brochures, and other promotional materials.

Upon completion of my internship, I could add numerous things to my resume including contributing to an 11% increase in readership. is the ideal place for someone looking to learn more about the fast-paced online world and gain real-world experience in an environment where it is easy and fun to learn! 

Bianca Valle, CHS ’13

I never imagined myself sitting in a movie at the Coronado Village Theater with paper and a pen in hand. Writing a movie review was one on the many skills I learned as an Online Editorial Intern. It was so exciting to have new and unpredictable assignments each week. From interviewing a local penguin trainer from SeaWorld, reviewing the newest boutique, covering an art gallery opening, to interviewing Coronado students, teachers, or business owners, as well as writing an article in Spanish, each story I published introduced me to a different facet of Coronado.

The structure and content of the internship also gave me a glimpse of what the world of journalism is really like; responsibility, creativity, dedication, professionalism and team work are imperative. Attending weekly meetings and bonding with other interns helped set the tone of this business-like yet enjoyable internship experience. Also, I am very thankful for Mr. Steve Johnson’s desire to shape the articles we were assigned towards our interests. Mr. Johnson was very approachable and wanted to help each intern as much as possible. He set up a learning environment that was hard not to thrive in. This experience was a privilege, and I highly recommend this unique opportunity to anyone who loves Coronado.

Jessica Helmstetter, CHS ’11, UC Berkley Student

Working as an intern for was the perfect way to introduce myself to online journalism. At first I was very intimidated by the idea of an internship because I didn’t have a lot of work experience. However, writing as a correspondent to Coronado High School challenged me to improve my professional and writing skills but also I felt comfortable enough to try new things and make mistakes.

Through the internship you see what is going around town and in turn find a way to portray it to the rest of the community in an interesting fashion. For me personally, I loved every minute of working for It was the perfect opportunity to use my writing skill set in way that would highlight the goings on at Coronado High School. You meet amazing people around the town not to mention that Steve is probably the coolest boss that I’ve had so far. This internship is a fun and productive way to step into the blog-o-sphere and test the waters of journalism. 


Anne Covington Morse

I had a wonderful time as an Intern and would recommend the experience to anyone with an interest in journalism, creative writing, online advertising, and local news and events. I enjoyed all the fantastic people I had the privilege to work with, and looked forward to our fun weekly meetings.

Every week I gained new knowledge and had interesting new projects to complete.
This isn’t an internship where you do all the small jobs and never get to try your hand at the real, day to day operations. At eCoronado I was able to write and post content as often as I liked, conduct interviews, learn how to run a website, talk to potential advertisers, and meet Coronado locals firsthand. After my internship I have real-world knowledge that I can take, and use, for the rest of my life. I’m currently searching for a job in writing and publishing, and my time, and connections, with eCoronado have been a great help. I highly recommend becoming an eCoronado Intern and wish you the best of luck! 
Marcie Dwaileebe, UCI Irvine Grad

I had a great time interning for! What I expected to simply be a writing gig ended up being so much more – I got to do things like try new restaurants, attend city council meetings, and meet and interview many interesting people. The once-a-week meetings allowed us to create our own schedule and work at our own pace. I also liked that we spent as much time learning as we did working, which is exactly what an internship should be. Steve was and is a very helpful and knowledgeable leader who provided guidance throughout the process and always encouraged us to present our own ideas.Because of this internship, I was able to more clearly define what interested me in regard to a career path: I’d discovered a penchant for editing and also found that I really enjoyed anything pertaining to city government – something I never would have known if I hadn’t gained firsthand exposure to it. My writing has also evolved and improved tremendously. I knew I’d always enjoyed writing, but my only experience had been writing academic rhetoric in school. Writing for helped me to develop and refine an “editorial voice” that I now use much more frequently. Even today, almost a year after my internship has ended, my experience still comes in handy both personally and professionally! Micah Minor, CHS ’10, MiraCosta College Student
I had an awesome time with eCoronado. It really gave me a confidence boost as a filmmaker to go and interview important people around the island.

Filming and editing different exclusives on the go was a very exciting way to exercise what I plan on doing for a living. Steve is a very fair, motivating, and likable leader. What he does for Coronado really brings the island closer together and makes for a stronger community.
Becoming an eCoronado intern truly is a beneficial and fun way to get your foot in the door. You will have a blast!


Marie Balfour, CHS ’14

My overall experience as an intern at was positive. It was great getting to know more about my hometown of Coronado on a more professional level. I enjoyed getting to know the other interns and sharing stories with them about the people we had interviewed and the stories we were working on. From this internship I also greatly improved my writing and photography skills.

One thing that I found challenging was managing getting my articles done on time. I would advise new interns to check in with their article contact quickly because it sometimes takes a while to hear back from a person and get the ball rolling on your story.

I want to thank you again for including me in your internship team this past spring, and I know that I grew a lot from this experience. I still enjoy reading eCoronado and I can’t wait to read articles from the new interns!

Elizabeth Dellinger, CHS ’11, Iona College Student

My internship with was an incredible experience that has helped to further my education by giving an edge to my resume when I was applying to college. This elite position helped me to decide on the right major for my interests. I am now currently a sophomore at Iona College studying Mass Communications specializing in Advertising and minoring in Film Studies. I have to thank everyone at for giving me this awesome opportunity to intern as well as help enrich my knowledge about the Coronado community.

This internship is a great way to learn what the Mass Communication field is really like and shows one example of a possible career path you can have with this type of a degree. 


Nadine Monzon, CHS ’13
Interning at eCoronado was a great learning experience that I highly recommend for anyone who loves Coronado. I really enjoyed this interning position because of all the people I met and stories I learned. From a sit-in at a former Mexican president’s speech at the middle school, to interviews with new restaurant owners and senior citizens, every article I wrote gave me a sense of accomplishment and helped me learn so much about the community I live in. It gave me a new perspective on Coronado and the remarkable people who live here.

It was amazing to know that being an online newspaper through eCoronado, I was reaching to both our local readers and people from around the world that wanted to stay in touch with our beautiful town. I also enjoyed the open interaction with members as they are able to share their opinions and leave feedback with every article.

I encourage anyone with an interest in journalism or writing to take up this wonderful opportunity to investigate these interesting stories. It was an invaluable experience.

Greer Goebels, CHS ’08, Colgate University Grad

Interning for was not only a fun experience as a local journalist meeting fellow Coronado residents, but also an incredible opportunity to learn the different aspects of an online business and to make professional connections in the community.

Throughout my internship I learned several new computer and technology skills which are relevant in my current job. is the perfect launching point for anyone looking to bolster their resume, write articles they want to write, and gain a real-world experience in an internship that is low-key, fun, and engaging.

Akshay Sateesh, Leadership Facilitator, Founder Ziksana Consulting

Having a chance to get involved in the Coronado community was something that I didn’t know how to do when my wife and I first moved here. We subscribed to and noticed that it really was a place where we could find out almost anything and everything Coronado. There are many secret gems in Coronado, like the bakery behind the stationary store, the family owned photography shop, and the many celebrities that come and go at the Shores.

Working as an Intern with, I had a chance to meet business owners in Coronado, and tell their stories. Everyone in Coronado has a story, has life experiences, and has adventures, that make them who they are, where they are. I enjoyed meeting people who are excited and passionate about their life, and their work, and sharing that with the thousands of people who read

I also was able to fine tune my writing and communication skills. As a leadership consultant, I need to be able to communicate through writing, ideas and justify my reasoning – all of this was practiced during my internship and I’ve certainly written more than I would if not for the experience.

Lastly, it was a great experience working together with other interns and of course Steve. Steve is a supportive and positive person who encouraged me to follow my interests: a great leader to have in our community. 

Kellee Hearther, Staff Writer, Navy Wife, Mother of Three
An internship at offers incredible opportunities to get involved with our community. Whether it’s meeting someone for a personal interview or greeting people at a local store or event to talk about our website, you will have the chance to interact with members and visitors of our wonderful island town. You will learn about online media and even get your very own business cards! Perhaps most importantly, as an intern at, you are afforded numerous occasions to create videos, pictures and blog posts to share with the 50,000 people who visit the website each month. You have the latitude to be creative and contribute to the information that people in our town depend upon. Working with the staff and other interns introduces you to people you may otherwise never meet. The best reason to be an intern is that it’s FUN! interns working the booth at a member appreciation event at Mootime.

Michael Dauphinee of TDG explains the finer points of identity driven leadership at staff meeting.

Interns-in-training Luke and Ellie Johnson help run the booth with Greer Goebels, Kellee Hearther, Ashley Jenkins and Steve Johnson.

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