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Photos: The Top 15 Crown Jewels of Coronado

Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino first discovered the Coronado Islands off the coast of San Diego in 1602. Vizcaino named the group of islands “Las Yslas Coronadas,” meaning ‘the crowned ones.’ The City of Coronado derived its name from these islands and the word crown and crown imagery is present all over town.

One of the many nicknames for Coronado is the “Crown City”. We started thinking that if Coronado is the “Crown City”, what are the jewels that make up the beauty of the crown? Here are our top 15 choices for the ‘crown jewels’ of Coronado. Feel free to add yours in the comments:

1. Coronado Beaches (Even on windy days…)

2. Hotel del Coronado

3. Spreckels Park (Concerts in the Park Rock…Literally)

4. Coronado Library (Established in 1909)

5. Coronado Ferry Landing (View of Downtown)

6. Orange Avenue / MainStreet

7. Wide, Tree-Lined Streets

8. 4th of July Parade

9. Navy Neighbors

10. Village Theatre

11. Pedestrian & Biking Lifestyle (Car-Less in Coronado)

12. Coronado Schools (Coronado Unified School District)

13. Coronado Bay (Coronado Yacht Club)

14. The Beautiful and Unique Homes

15. Ok, everything! Including you and the entire community of Coronado!

Did we miss a ‘Coronado Jewel?’. If so, tell us in the comments.

Coronado Times Staff
Coronado Times Staff
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