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A Heartfelt Message from Jett

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Submitted by Genevieve Rohan

“I ran for Canine Mayor of Coronado in hopes of finding FURever homes for myself, my little brother and friends at PAWS.”

In a heartwarming turn of events, Jett, the lovable PAWS foster dog who was dumped on the streets of Coronado was one of the candidates who ran for Canine Mayor of Coronado. Now that the voting is over, he revealed the true reason behind his candidacy: he wanted to find his forever home. He knew that by running for office he would get to meet lots of wonderful people and one of them might take him home. Jett’s journey from the shelter to the spotlight has captured the hearts of many, and while he may not have won the mayoral race, he certainly won the affection of the people he met while campaigning.

“I ran for mayor not for the title, but for the chance to be seen and loved,” Jett shared in a recent interview, his eyes full of hope and gratitude. “All I ever wanted was a family to call my own.” PAWS has lots of amazing dogs (and cats) waiting for their humans to find them.

Jett’s story is a reminder that there are lots of animals still waiting for their forever homes. While the Coronado K9 mayoral race may be over, it’s never too late to make a difference. Donations to PAWS and other animal shelters are always needed to help save and support animals in need. Every contribution, big or small, can help give another dog or cat the chance at a happy life. Jett and his little brother are still waiting eagerly at PAWS for their humans to find them.

As we approach the Fourth of July, Jett wants to use his platform to remind all pet owners of the importance of keeping their furry friends safe during the holiday. The loud noises and fireworks can be incredibly frightening for animals, leading to a spike in runaway pets. Most shelters are already at capacity so if you can take a foster pet home for the evening or weekend (or longer) it will help them feel safer. Did you know that the Fourth of July is the number one holiday for dogs running away? “Please, keep your beloved pets indoors and secure, provide them with a safe space, and ensure they have proper identification.”

Jett’s message is clear: while his journey to find a home is still ongoing, every animal deserves love, safety, and a place to call their own. Let’s continue to support PAWS –  our local shelter – and donate when we can, and keep our pets safe this Independence Day.

For those who missed voting for the Coronado canine mayor, remember that it’s never too late to make a difference. Visit your local shelter, consider adoption, or help out by fostering dogs so they get a break from living in cages for the majority of each day. Your donations help save lives.

Submitted by Genevieve Rohan

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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