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CHS Class of 2024 Valedictorian & Co-Salutatorians: Gabe Langevin, Andreana Frangos, & Cate Gregory

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Every year, Coronado High School celebrates its graduating seniors and recognizes those who were at the top of their class. The Class of 2024 boasts some of the best and brightest individuals in the county, with students furthering their education and attending colleges such as Cornell, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, UT Austin, University of Michigan, UCSD, UC Davis, and Georgetown to name a few schools. 

The Class of 2024’s valedictorian is Gabe Langevin and co-salutatorians are Andreana Frangos and Cate Gregory. 

Valedictorian: Gabe Langevin

Gabe Langevin is Coronado High School Class of 2024’s Valedictorian

Gabe will graduate CHS with a GPA of 4.57, having taken 13 Advanced Placement (AP) classes throughout his high school. Some of his favorites were AP Calculus BC with Mrs. Betsy Castillo and AP Physics 2 with Mr. Bill Lemei.

“We created a great family in those classes where we could all have fun, and Mr. Lemei’s calm demeanor and interest in physics made every period engaging,” Gabe shared.

Gabe’s favorite high school memory was winning the CIF Beach Volleyball Championship his junior year.

“The team was cohesive and fun and it was a great way to cap off an amazing season,” Gabe commented.

Some of Gabe’s extracurricular activities included being President and Varsity Captain of the Academic League as well as participating in beach and indoor volleyball, Chess Club, National Honors Society, and Junior Optimists.

This fall, Gabe will attend the Rochester Institute of Technology with a major in applied statistics.

“In 10 years, I hope to have a job in data analysis that I love. I hope to have a great, loving family that I can support with my work and I hope to be able to enjoy my hobbies to the fullest. Above all, I want to be happy and have no regrets,” Gabe shared. 

Co-Salutatorian: Andreana Frangos

Andreana Frangos is one of the salutatorians for Coronado High School’s graduating class of 2024.

Andreana Frangos was named as one of this year’s co-salutatorians. She has a weighted GPA of 4.61 and took a total of 19 weighted classes, 14 of them being APs. Her favorite high school course was AP Physics 2 with Mr. Lemei.

“The class was full of incredibly complicated concepts that shaped the way I see the world. It was a fun and competitive environment where we built lifelong friendships. Several students in this class hung out in Mr. Lemei’s classroom during lunch. He saw that many of us brought leftovers for lunch and that we had no way to heat them up, so he went out of his way to get our lunch group a microwave, which was just awesome. Even when the semester ended and the class was over, our lunch group continued to hang out in Mr. Lemei’s classroom. Mr. Lemei is by far the kindest and most caring teacher I have ever met,” Andreana shared.

Andreana’s favorite high school memory was the Senior Class of 2024’s historic 42-0 powderpuff win over the Juniors.

“It was so fun to bond with my classmates and come together to win,” Andreana noted.

Outside of school, Andreana has been a Girl Scout since kindergarten. Last year, she earned her Girl Scout Gold Award and created Big Wigs Business, a free camp and online curriculum for young children to learn the ins and outs of starting their own business. She’s also worked at Subway, Coronado Island Marriott as a pool attendant, and at the Hotel Del as a front desk agent and concierge. The powerhouse that she is, Andreana rowed for four years and played Varsity Rugby.

This fall, Andreana will attend Cornell University and study hotel administration.

“Last summer, I worked at the Hotel Del, which is owned by Hilton, and I loved the work environment. In ten years, I see myself managing a Hilton in another country such as Italy or Australia,” Andreana shared.

Co-Salutatorian: Cate Gregory

Cate Gregory is one of the salutatorians for Coronado High School’s Senior class of 2024.

Cate Gregory will graduate with a weighted GPA of 4.45, having taken 14 AP classes.

Some of her favorites included AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Psychology, AP Biology, and AP World History.

“I really enjoyed the complex problems we were able to solve in Calculus, and the sheer amount of knowledge we learned in both classes. I also really enjoyed taking AP Psychology my sophomore year because I found many of the things we learned were applicable to real life,” Cate described.

Some of her favorite teachers were Ms. Davis, Mrs. Castillo, and Mr. Chao.

“Ms. Davis is one of the kindest teachers at our school, and had so much knowledge to share. While Mr. Chao’s class was challenging, I learned so much through his class and I always enjoy stopping by his class for chats about the CoSA dance concerts, which he always comes to see,” Cate noted.

Cate’s favorite high school memory was the senior year Powderpuff, where she shared, “It was super fun seeing our whole class come together and beat the juniors. The whole day was a great bonding experience for our class and I got to talk to so many people that I normally don’t see.”

Outside of school, Cate has been involved in a plethora of activities. She was in the Coronado School of the Arts Conservatory for Classical and Contemporary Dance and the CoSA Council and Tour Group. Cate is also an intern for Emerald Keepers, where she helped initiate a Zero Waste Program at CHS through adding recycling and composting bins on campus and advocated for a single-use plastic reduction ordinance at City Council meetings. She also led the Interact Club, interned at the Coronado Historical Association, ran in-schools service projects for the Junior Optimist International Club, and volunteered at Concert in the Parks for the National Honors Society. Cate is a science writer at the University of California, San Diego, Supercomputer Center, where she’s published articles on a variety of scientific topics including the evolutionary biology of avocados, forest fire detection technologies, and more.

This fall, Cate will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles to study environmental science.

“In ten years, I see myself working in the environmental field in some way, either advocating for sustainability policies or taking a more scientific approach, analyzing climate science.”

CHS will host their 2024 graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 13, at 7 pm at Coronado High School’s Niedermeyer Field. Congratulations to this year’s valedictorian and salutatorians as well as the entire class of 2024!

Bella Villarin
Bella Villarin
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