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Sharp Coronado Hospital Becomes One of First in the World to Perform Advanced Medical Procedures Using da Vinci 5 Surgical Robot

To enhance surgical care and provide the most advanced surgical options to patients throughout San Diego, Sharp Coronado Hospital has become one of the first hospitals in the world – alongside its sister-hospital, Sharp Memorial Hospital – to acquire and utilize the da Vinci 5 robot from Intuitive Surgical, a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and pioneer in robotic-assisted surgery. The da Vinci 5 is the fifth-generation of Intuitive’s multiport robotic system, which has been decades in the making and boasts more than 150 enhancements since its last iteration.

“The future of minimally invasive surgery is here, and we are proud to be among the first hospitals globally with the new da Vinci 5 robot before its wide release,” says Fahd Benjalil, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Sharp Coronado Hospital.  “We’re thrilled to provide our surgeons with innovative tools that will further elevate their world-class patient care.”

Benjalil adds that robotic-assisted surgery provides many benefits to patients, including shorter hospital stays; less blood loss, infection and scarring; and faster recovery.

“The many high-tech features of the da Vinci robotic surgical system yield two main advantages compared to old-fashioned laparoscopic surgery,” explained Dr. David Yu Greenblatt, a general surgeon affiliated with Sharp and Chief of Surgery at Sharp Coronado Hospital. “First, with the da Vinci robot’s magnified 3D vision system, I can see better. Second, I have improved dexterity and control of the robotic surgical instruments. This combination of superior vision and dexterity translates into safer surgery and improved outcomes for patients, with fewer complications, less pain, and faster recovery. With this new da Vinci 5, for the first time, surgeons will be able to use robotic instruments with haptic ‘force feedback,’ and this promises to allow us to do surgery in an even more careful and precise manner, which will further benefit patients at Sharp Coronado.”

Dr. Bench at the completion of the first da Vinci 5 robotic surgery at Sharp Coronado, performed on Thursday, May 9.

“I was humbled to be asked to perform the first surgical case using the da Vinci 5 robot here at Sharp Coronado,” said Dr. Shawn Bench, a general surgeon affiliated with Sharp, who performed a robotic-assisted right inguinal hernia repair on May 9 using the new robot. “This new technology will help us to continue to offer the highest quality of care in San Diego. I want to thank the Sharp Coronado administration and Intuitive for bringing the most advanced robotic system on the market to our community hospital. It’s an honor to be amongst the first surgeons in the country to utilize this amazing new technology. ”

Sharp HealthCare’s dedication to exceptional patient care goes hand-in-hand with its commitment to cutting-edge technology. The health system’s ongoing investment in minimally invasive programs and surgical systems perfectly reflects this vision. Minimally invasive surgery offers a multitude of benefits for patients, including shorter hospital stays, reduced blood loss and scarring, and faster recovery times. This focus on advanced technology ensures a more comfortable and efficient experience for patients, staff, and physicians alike.

Sharp Coronado expands its robotic surgery capabilities with the arrival of the da Vinci 5, its fifth surgical robot on campus. This cutting-edge technology empowers surgical teams to deliver exceptional patient care through several advancements:

  • Enhanced Precision: The da Vinci 5 offers superior accuracy and control, allowing surgeons to perform delicate procedures with unmatched finesse.
  • Intuitive Tissue Interaction: Force-sensing technology provides real-time feedback on tissue pressure, mimicking the natural feel of traditional surgery and aiding in decision-making.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The system incorporates workflow enhancements that optimize efficiency and allows surgeons greater autonomy and dexterity during operations.
  • Personalized Comfort: A redesigned console allows surgeons to adjust their position for optimal viewing and comfort, promoting focus and minimizing fatigue.

With nearly 6,000 robotic surgeries performed on-site by their highly skilled clinical teams, Sharp Coronado has established itself as a leader in minimally invasive surgery. Their dedication to excellence extends beyond experience. Sharp Coronado’s expertise has been recognized by the Surgical Review Corporation with a prestigious Network of Excellence in Robotic Surgery designation, solidifying their place among the elite in this field.

“We are pleased to continue to support Sharp and our other customers with mature robotic surgery programs during this early phase of Intuitive’s da Vinci 5 launch,” said Intuitive Chief Medical Officer Dr. Myriam Curet. “We share Sharp’s goals of improving patient outcomes and the patient experience, improving the surgeon and care team experience, and ultimately lowering the total cost to treat. Sharp’s experience with this system will help inform us on the features that bring the most value to our customers.”


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