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Cays Park Mistake

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Submitted by Dan Hunting

On May 6 at City Hall the Parks and Recreation Commission made a huge mistake by voting to approve the expensive and environmentally unsound and unsafe Cays Park Plan Preferred Design Option.

We suggest in a general way: 1. Cays Park, leave it as it is. 2. Save the playing fields. 3. Save the trees.

We have an awesome, beautiful, and safe park now. Indeed, if indicated plans to enlarge and improve the children’s playground, it is ok with us. Indeed, if indicated, plans to enlarge and improve the restrooms, it is ok with us. Indeed, if indicated, plans to fence/shrubbery the dog run, it is ok with us. Indeed, if indicated, to add more pickleball courts tucked in behind the present courts, it is ok with us. We suggest that the above changes can be done in a piecemeal plan and each of the above changes would be done at the present sites without changes to the general map and layout of the park.

Basically, we oppose any major demolition and pouring of more concrete. We oppose the unnatural permanent planned clutter structures: the bizarre shade structures, benches, tables, concrete walkways, and exercise stations. By the way, when we picnic nowadays, we bring our own chairs, etc.

We strongly oppose the expected light pollution from the planned lighting system. We strongly oppose the cutting down of many of the healthy beautiful mature trees now present.

This is our general advice. We are confident the citizens of Coronado will see and hear the facts of the Plan and will reject this misguided Plan. The incredible cost of 35 million dollars, 3 phase, 3 year buildout after demolition, destruction, and disruption to the present beautiful Park would be a huge mistake.

Cays Park, leave it as it is. Save the playing fields. Save the trees.

Dan Hunting

Editor’s Note: For the history of the Cays Park Master Plan project, public outreach, and past meetings, click here.

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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