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Selena Herrera’s Basketball Journey from Sandals to Second Team All-League

Editor’s Note: Lisa Lamb conducted the interview with Selena and compiled the details and draft of this article.

Selena Herrera has journeyed from a wide-eyed child in sandals at a local Boys and Girls Club to a formidable varsity girls basketball player for Coronado High School. The recent honor of being named to the Second Team All-League is not just a testament to her skills on the court but also a reflection of her resilience, work ethic, and the unique route that led her here.

“I really just love the game so much.” 

~ Selena Herrera

Selena’s path into basketball was anything but conventional. Her initiation into the sport came not through typical youth leagues but rather a spontaneous decision by her father to keep her occupied while he attended a meeting. With no prior experience and clad in sandals and jean shorts, 6-year old Selena was pushed into a game already in progress. This unexpected plunge into basketball was terrifying yet exhilarating, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion. “I was flip-flopping around the court. I had no idea what was happening,” Selena said, recalling the day.

Her family’s nomadic lifestyle, necessitated by her father’s job as a consultant, meant Selena was home-schooled and frequently on the move. This transient existence could have been a barrier to developing and nurturing a passion for basketball. Yet it became a catalyst for Selena’s love for the game. The constant relocations introduced her to diverse playing styles and competitions across different cities, enriching her understanding and appreciation of basketball.

Selena Herrera wins a jump ball (photo credit: Claudia Sanchez).

Selena’s commitment to basketball is not just about playing the game but mastering it. Her rigorous daily routine during the season—practicing before and after team practices, and even joining the boys’ JV team on occasion—demonstrates a passion to improve. This dedication stems from an unwavering resolve to push her limits. “I really just love the game so much,” she said. “I’ve never [felt like I have] done well enough after a game, so I’ve always pushed harder,” she shared, shedding light on her intrinsic motivation and the high standards she sets for herself.

During the season, Selena, a junior, became a team-oriented leader. Her initial years were marked by a focus on her own skill enhancement. However, her perspective has shifted towards fostering team dynamics. This evolution is evident in her efforts to initiate team bonding activities, demonstrating a leadership style that values unity and mutual support.

Selena Herrera drives and makes a shot during the 2023-24 season.

Selena is already looking forward to her senior year by continuing to grow as a player and team-oriented leader, even before the season starts. “Instead of me going on a run by myself, I want to go on a run with the team, or instead of me practicing by myself, I want to practice with the team preseason,” she said. “I want to make it a very memorable senior year, so I want to make sure that I’m putting in all the work that I can.”

Selena’s selection to the Second Team All-League is a recognition of her hard work and passion. Across the five-team league, she finished an impressive third in points per game (12.4), third in steals (2.6), and fifth in rebounds per game (6.4).

As she looks to the future, her aspirations extend beyond the high school basketball courts. She harbors dreams of playing college basketball, a goal she approaches with a blend of realism and optimism. For now, she keeps her passion alive through club play, choosing competitive clubs that challenge her to improve every day.

The 2023-24 Lady Islanders Basketball team poses for a team photo (photo credit: Claudia Sanchez).

Selena Herrera’s story is about the power of passion, the importance of adaptability, and her unending desire to improve. As she continues to write her story, one thing is clear: Selena Herrera is not just playing basketball; she’s living it, one game at a time.

Editor’s Note: Lisa Lamb conducted the interview with Selena and compiled the details and draft of this article.


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