Thursday, April 11, 2024

Preserving Coronado’s Architectural Heritage: The 2024 GEM Awards Dinner Ceremony – Apr. 3

Preserving Coronado’s architectural heritage takes center stage at the upcoming 2024 GEM Awards Dinner Ceremony, hosted by the Coronado Historical Association. Scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, at 5 pm in the Nautilus Room, this event honors individuals and families committed to safeguarding the community’s historic buildings.

Since its establishment in 2013, the GEM Awards have recognized those who have Gone the Extra Mile in preserving Coronado’s unique character. Property owners opting for renovation over replacement are celebrated for their dedication to preserving Coronado’s architectural history and fostering connections to the past. The awards highlight building renovations that reflect Coronado’s charming character and architectural history, connecting us to our past. The awards are one way the Historical Association publicly recognizes property owners for Going the Extra Mile by committing to restore their homes rather than replace these structures. Such efforts preserve Coronado’s unique and architecturally robust character.

The Coronado Historical Association’s mission underscores the importance of preserving the island’s cherished history while exploring its past connections. The GEM Awards, initiated by CHA, highlight building renovations reflecting Coronado’s charming character and architectural history, strengthening ties to its past. The awards are an important aspect of CHA’s work to preserve our Island’s treasured history while exploring its past connections. 

The GEM Awards Dinner Ceremony, set to unveil the 2024 winners, offers an evening of celebration, appreciation, and forging new connections. By recognizing homeowners’ efforts to preserve Coronado’s cultural resources, the event showcases their commitment and inspires others to follow suit.

Join us in celebrating these homeowners and their efforts! Tickets for the GEM Awards Dinner Ceremony are available for purchase at Join the community in honoring those who have truly Gone the Extra Mile to preserve Coronado’s architectural treasures.


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