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“All Bark, No Bite” – The Quirky Dynamics of Love

A little chaotic with a lot of charm, “All Bark, No Bite” is “definitely different than what we expected — but cute nonetheless,” shared two playgoers. Photo by Ken Jacques.

Coronado Playhouse is currently home to the first show of its 79th season: the West Coast premiere of Kara Emily Krantz’s “All Bark, No Bite,” a romantic comedy that’s a unique take on the complexities of modern relationships. With its premise based on a clever conceit, audience members can expect to witness and relate to the chaotic yet invaluable aspects of human and animal connections alike. “All Bark, No Bite” is an unconventional approach to storytelling, and though it feels corny at points, the dialogue is witty and infused with an authenticity that’s worth having a silly night out for.

“All Bark, No Bite” introduces us to a world where relationships take center stage. It revolves around the lives of two couples, Charlotte and Eugene, and Robert and Bella, who have very contrasting dynamics. Without giving too much away, the play offers an original take on the way our loved ones and pets can change that which we’re “used to” in a heartbeat. Its narrative has both a depth and universality that pet owners and couples will understand immediately. Actors Jillian Jones (Bella) and Kevin Bradel (Eugene) perfectly display the dynamics between a new puppy and the set-in-his-ways old dog, and their commitment to over-the-top interactions with Kara Tuckfield (Suzanne), Julianne Riddle (Charlotte), and Tim Baran (Robert) carry most of the genuine laughs of the show.

Actors Kevin Bradel, Jillian Jones, and Kara Tuckfield create a goofy dynamic that offsets Tim Baran and Julianne Riddle’s more serious conversations. Photo by Ken Jacques.

The simple set, filled with argyle sweaters and Matisse prints, allows each characters’ quirks to shine as well. Whether you’re like Eugene, who’s “tired of meeting people and just wants to snuggle”, or Bella, vying for attention and excited by change, there is something that will stand out to every personality. Too, it is a reminder that, while we can “train” ourselves for any moment, often it’s those we don’t plan that lead to the best unexpected outcomes.

“All Bark, No Bite” presents an opportunity to reflect on our own relationships, laugh at the absurdities, and appreciate the joy that love and companionship bring. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional tropes of romantic comedies, or simply appreciate a genuine portrayal of life’s messes, Krantz’s play is sure to leave you with a smile. It has a limited run through February 4th, with shows Thursday through Sunday, so be sure to snag your tickets through Coronado Playhouse here.


Caroline Minchella
Caroline Minchella
Caroline was 15 years old when her family moved to Coronado. Though she was a “transplant”, Caroline found a home in the Coronado community near-immediately: she became an intern for “The Coronado Times”; helped reinstate the CHS newspaper, “The Islander Times”; was a volunteer dog-walker for PAWS; and a faithful Concert in the Park attendee.After completing her BA in English at the University of California Santa Barbara, she went on to craft answers for Amazon Alexa devices and write creatively on the side. Fast forward seven years, Caroline is thrilled to return as a Reporter for “The Coronado Times.” Have a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected]

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