Sunday, June 23, 2024

Last Call for Nominations: GEM Award Deadline Today – Friday, Jan. 19

In the final stretch before the curtain falls on the esteemed Go the Extra Mile (GEM) Award nominations, the Coronado Historical Association (CHA) calls upon the community to participate in acknowledging those who have gone above and beyond in preserving Coronado’s architectural legacy.

As we approach the culmination of the GEM Award’s 10th anniversary, CHA highlights the exceptional dedication exhibited by individuals committed to safeguarding the town’s architectural heritage. Nominate local homeowners and business proprietors who have prioritized the restoration of historic structures, ensuring Coronado’s rich community heritage.

Nominations for the 10th-anniversary GEM Award are set to conclude Friday, January 19, 2023. This leaves the community with a final chance to recognize and nominate those unsung heroes who undertook remarkable restoration projects in the preceding year.

The GEM Community Committee, responsible for a meticulous evaluation of nominated properties, eagerly anticipates reviewing the nominations. To ensure your nominee is considered, visit or submit your nominations via email at [email protected].

Now is the opportune moment to contribute to the recognition of those stalwart individuals who completed preservation projects in 2023. Act swiftly to make your mark on this celebration of our town’s history. Don’t let this chance slip away‚ÄĒnominate now and play a vital role in the preservation of Coronado’s architectural gems for generations to come!

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