Monday, May 27, 2024

CHA to Hold a Community Collecting Day: African American History – Oct. 13

Spanning over 135 years, the African-American history in Coronado is a tapestry of resilience, culture, and contributions that have, until now, been largely absent from the annals of our local history. This history encompasses not only the African-American residents of Coronado but also those who attended school or worked here, as well as those who served at Naval Base Coronado.

The Coronado Historical Association, in collaboration with local historians, is creating a new exhibit about Coronado’s African American History. Significant strides have already been made in uncovering valuable resources that shed light on this underrepresented aspect of our community’s past. These resources include photographs, school yearbooks, newspaper articles, and personal stories that provide glimpses into the lives, struggles, and achievements of Coronado’s African-American residents.

However, there is much more to learn, and the CHA is reaching out to the Coronado community for help. In a bid to enrich our understanding of this historical narrative and create an inclusive and comprehensive exhibit, the CHA is inviting all interested individuals to participate in Coronado’s African American History Community Collecting Day.

This event is scheduled for Friday, October 13, and will be held at the Coronado Historical Association’s museum. The purpose of the event is to encourage community members to share their own photographs, documents, and stories related to Coronado’s African-American history, spanning from 1885 to the present day.

During the Collecting Day, CHA staff and dedicated volunteers will be present to provide information about the forthcoming exhibit and offer assistance in scanning photos and capturing oral histories. This event is an excellent opportunity for residents to share their family stories, personal experiences, and any memorabilia that can help complete the picture of Coronado’s African-American heritage.

The resulting exhibit promises to be a compelling testament to the diverse and interconnected history of Coronado, showcasing the experiences and contributions of the African-American community in our city over the years. By participating in the Community Collecting Day, you become a vital part of preserving this important facet of our shared heritage.

So, mark your calendars for Friday, October 13, 11 am – 3 pm, and join the Coronado Historical Association in honoring the past and shaping the future by contributing to the preservation of Coronado’s African-American heritage. Your stories, photographs, and documents are essential pieces to preserving this important, yet neglected aspect of our history.


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