Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mystery Theatre Night – Oct. 13 (Register by Sept. 27)

Get into the spirit of Halloween with an evening of intrigue at Offed at the Races, a horserace themed mystery theatre event on Friday, October 13. Individuals, couples and friends will be characters, sleuths or observers and dress up to solve a grisly murder at the racetrack.

The drama-packed two-hour whodunit will begin at 6 pm. Awards will be given to best costume, best performance, and best sleuth; and a grand prize for the team that solves the mystery.

Registration is due by September 27 to assign roles and prepare. Details including pre-event role assignments are available on the FAQ sheet at the front desk of the John D. Spreckels Center, 1019 7th Street or by calling 619-522-7343. Online registration can be completed at