Saturday, April 20, 2024

Author Event with Tara Deliberto – Aug. 31

Coronado Public Library in partnership with the San Diego Writers Festival welcomes Coronado author Tara Deliberto, whose new book Internally Free: Why We Care About All the Wrong Things & How to Liberate Yourself from Impossible Standards is coming out soon. The topic she’ll speak on is “How Your Ego Blocks You From Living in Bliss, and What You Can Do About It.”

Thursday, Aug. 31
Coronado Public Library


Bio: Dr. Tara, PhD, is a spiritually-inclined clinical psychologist, speaker, author, retreat leader, and former faculty member of Cornell University’s Medical College. Her focus is on developing methods for transcending the ego towards the end of expanding consciousness. Her forthcoming book, “Step into the Mystical: A 3-Step Method for Self-Growth & Living in Bliss,” will be published in 2024. This book seamlessly integrates psychological and spiritual concepts to provide a concrete path to elevating your consciousness.

Prior Work: While in her academic role on faculty at Cornell, Dr. Tara felt intuitively compelled to create Integrative Modalities Therapy (IMT), a flexible and easy-to-implement treatment for eating disorders, which are notoriously difficult to treat and deadly. IMT was published by New Harbinger at the end of 2019, just prior to eating disorder rates nearly tripling during the pandemic. The Spanish translation will be available in the winter of 2023. Dr. Tara’s treatment is now used all over the world to treat people with eating disorders. Being a leading expert on eating disorders – which are ego based – serves as the perfect background for developing a method to transcend the ego more broadly.

Prior her work in eating disorders, Dr. Tara served as the senior laboratory manager at the Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Research at Harvard University, where she helped conduct studies on borderline personality disorder, suicide, self-injurious behaviors. She has also held leadership positions in the Academy for Eating Disorders as well as the New York City CBT Association, and served on the editorial board of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention. Her work has been widely cited in the academic literature and has been discussed in major media outlets such as the Harvard Gazette, Science Daily, and TIME.

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